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How To Be More Mindful Every Day

be more mindful

The concept of mindfulness is oftentimes portrayed as something a lot more complicated than it actually is. In reality, even if you think you haven't, you've probably practiced being mindful without realizing it. Just think of the times when you've tasted a new type of food for the first time and you were truly enjoying the moment, savoring every bite and trying to guess all the ingredients. Or a time when you were truly captivated by an intriguing chapter in the book you were reading and you didn't care about anything and anyone else for a few minutes.

Being mindful basically means being present in the moment, being one with the exact sensations, feelings and emotions you are experiencing right there and then. Mindfulness is a very special state of mind that enables you to pay your undivided attention to a certain thing, with zero disruptions, without issuing any judgements and without letting anything interfere with what you are interested in at a certain point.

If you would like to embrace being mindful and start reaping the many wonderful benefits, below you are going to discover a few helpful tips.

Be Mindful During Your Regular Daily Routine

be more mindful

Why not start paying more attention to the things that are part of your regular daily routine and stop doing everything like you were set on autopilot for once? Yes, even something as basic as the way you brush your teeth or shower in the morning or the things you do while drinking your morning tea or coffee could become a genuine mindful experience.

You should start to practice being mindful as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. It should help set the tone for the entire day. Feel every cell in your body waking up, smell the fresh air that is getting in through the open windows and hear the birds chirping. Watch the city wake up every day through every new light that is turned on or honk of a car.

Once you will get used to being more mindful throughout the day, your nervous system should start to function a lot better. If you have never willingly practiced being mindful before, you should start with your coffee drinking ritual in the morning. Take your time and truly savor every sip of your favorite brew. Do it before you get lost in reading all those emails from work or the morning news on Twitter. Do the same with brushing your teeth. Stop your mind from wandering and truly stay in the moment. Every second of practice is valuable and you should take advantage of it whenever you can. If you enjoy going online on platforms likePlayigo and playing your favorite casino titles for fun or for real money, why not actually be in the moment for half an hour and truly enjoy the time spent there? The more mindful and involved you are in that game of poker or blackjack, the more chances you have to anticipate the moves of other players, the cards that are still left in the deck and your next moves for more chances of winning.

Stop Your Mind From Wandering

Naturally, our mind has a tendency to wander and drift endlessly. This is not necessarily a bad thing. When you get a genius idea during one of your wandering moments, you are definitely going to thank yourself for it. However, when you want to stop all the noise and just be in the moment, your main challenge will be to bring your mind back on the right track and away from the loose paths in a non-judgmental manner.

Start with shorter mindfulness episodes, as the brain seems to react better to shorter bursts of it. Practice it a few times throughout the day instead of trying to be mindful for hours in a row. Also, try to be mindful every day, for as little as you can, even if it only takes 5 minutes. Ideally, you should enjoy 20-minute sessions on a daily basis. Eventually, you will start to notice the way your shoes feel in your feet, whether they are loose, tight or if your clothes are uncomfortable.

You will essentially start to feel your breath going in and out of your lungs and let everything just be around you. You will notice you will not get as easily irritated or anxious about things that used to cause you a lot of problems in the past.

Another secret is to select a certaintriggering factor that will immediately remind you to make the switch into the state of mindfulness. Make it the hallway mirror you see on your way in and out of the house or your favorite mug of coffee.

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