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Some Famous Basketball Quotes to Motivate You

NBA Youngboy

Rapping has become the anthem of the young generation to represent devotion either to any culture, symbol, or group or to showcase personal stories of their own. Gaulden, recognizable by his professional name "NBA YoungBoy", is one of the promising star American Rapper of the current generation who came into the limelight in 2014. 

Extraordinarily talented, Gaulden has overshadowed in rapping and taking his career to peaked in his early life, and rap lovers have been following NBA youngboy quotes. Phenomenal singer Gaulden started his career at age 14 in 2014 with his first mixtape album named "Before Fame". At age of 16 in 2016, NBA YoungBoy had come up with his debut album "The mind of Menace trilogy". 

As of 2019, NBA YoungBoy has been on the YouTube’s Top Music Artists list in the US for the past 101 weeks, which makes him the most-watched musician in the world consisting of all genres. 

Here are some most-followed NBA young boy quotes, we have shortlisted. You can also give a thorough read on the quotes here. 

  1. “Gotta keep my head above water, gotta make it through.” – NBA YoungBoy
  2. “I don’t really talk that much. I just watch and observe.” – NBA YoungBoy
  3. “I just wanna wrap you up and hold you in my arms for the night. You been gone for so long, let’s celebrate that we unite.” – NBA YoungBoy
  4. “I was falling in love with you, I ain’t take you as no dub. You something else, you don’t know what to do with yourself.” – NBA YoungBoy
  5. “The only thing that scares me is dying.” – NBA YoungBoy
  6. “You probably can overcome what you’re going through from listening to my music.” – NBA YoungBoy
  7. “Everybody depend on me. I can’t f*ck up. I ain’t the only person that I’m hurting. If I was given a billion dollars to do life in jail, I’d do it and give that sh*t to my fam.” – NBA YoungBoy
  8. “I come from a rare place. It’s different culture, different atmosphere, and police crooked. Different emojis, and when I say emojis I mean personalities.” – NBA YoungBoy
  9. “I just know what I go through, and I know how to speak on it in an interesting way.” – NBA YoungBoy
  10. “I think music made me who I am. Music taught me what was gutter and what wasn’t. Music taught me how to live.” – NBA YoungBoy
  11. “Success make these niggas mad I know how it is.” – NBA YoungBoy
  12. “Won’t show no sympathy ’cause it’s a dirty game. I know they don’t feel my pain. Can’t let ’em end my name.” – NBA YoungBoy
  13. “Baby you so hot, all these diamonds cool you down.” – NBA YoungBoy
  14. “I can make you fall in love with all these diamonds.” – NBA YoungBoy
  15. “I just keep recording. You never know what you’ll come up with.” – NBA YoungBoy
  16. “I pay for therapy because my thoughts ahead of me.” – NBA YoungBoy
  17. “Look what I accomplished, I know you see me shining. I know you in the sky you looking down here watching.” – NBA YoungBoy
  18. “Without loyalty, you won’t accomplish anything.” – NBA YoungBoy
  19. “At night I need someone on side me just to hold me …I’m tired of thuggin’, now I’m tryna see where the love at.” – NBA YoungBoy
  20. “I always try to make my next song better than the last.” – NBA YoungBoy
  21. “I got a lot of money, but when you wealthy, that mean that your children is ballin’, your grandchildren is ballin’.” – NBA YoungBoy
  22. “I know we got one thing in common: we both want the dough.” – NBA YoungBoy
  23. “I’m just trying to be myself – make music how I make music.” – NBA YoungBoy
  24. “When my grandma left couldn’t do nothing but cry. Got on my knees send my prayers to the sky. I asked em why I swear so many times.”, – NBA Youngboy
  25. “Ain’t no pretending, we live like this no acting.” – NBA YoungBoy
  26. “I ain’t got nothing to prove to nobody.” – NBA YoungBoy
  27. “I don’t really trust nobody.” – NBA YoungBoy
  28. “I know I’m young but I feel like it’s nothing I can’t handle.” – NBA YoungBoy
  29. “I wrote my first song in the first or second grade.” – NBA YoungBoy
  30. “Time is money I ain’t wasting time. I’m feelin’ like Kobe I’m in my prime.” – NBA YoungBoy.

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