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What Should Be Included in an Emergency Plan for Health?

By Emily Bartels

An emergency can occur at anytime and anywhere without any warning. When it takes place, then it frightens the safety of the public, the property, the economy, the environment, and the critical infrastructure like transport and communication but most importantly the health of people.

An emergency can even impact the ability of a person for accessing the services of healthcare and the system due to which it becomes improbable responding to the situation.

Being prepared and planning is crucial to protect the safety of the public. It is vital for the public health care system to plan and be prepared for any emergency.

The post integrates the comprehension of emergency plan in healthcare organizations. But before that, it is essential to gain the understanding of what exactly emergency planning is.

Emergency planning

The emergency planning is the response to an unanticipated, severe and the occurrence that is dangerous.

It involves preparing and planning for the natural disasters that are human-made, accidents, medical emergencies and many other disruptive catastrophes.

The primary aim of emergency planning is reducing the destruction effect caused by the unanticipated situations.


It integrates the series of activities that are required to be initiated in case of natural or any emergency.

The emergency planning primarily involves the actions that are preventive, preparation to meet the sever situations, how to eradicate them, and the positive controls for saving lives and reducing the damage of property during the emergency situation.

An Emergency evacuation plan Melbourne assures the appropriate emergency plan that is fully compliant, attractive and practical.

Emergency planning in healthcare

Emergencies can take place anytime, and it is significant that the organizations that are working for the welfare of the public should be prepared in advance. Healthcare organizations are the most critical aspect in emergencies.


It is essential that healthcare should be prepared with appropriate planning so that whenever an emergency occurs they don’t have to think twice for the preparation. Beforehand emergency planning ensures the immediate action, so it is imperative for healthcare.

To get the better comprehension of emergency here’s how the healthcare industry should prepare the emergency plan.

Problem understanding

Firstly, healthcare must ensure that they understand the problem because if they don’t have appropriate knowledge of the emergency, then it would be tough to help the public.

So, in this case, the management team first must form the emergency group. This group will be accountable for handling the emergencies whenever it takes place. It will be useful in determining the objectives, aim and scope of the emergency plan.

Most importantly, the team can easily understand the tasks required to provide the relief. The group formation is necessary as it will be useful in gathering the required information for the emergency.

Planning group review

The planning group is essential as they can ensure the appropriate implementation of the developed plans for the emergency management. It is imperative for a healthcare organization to assure the formation of the planning group.


Group planning is significant for the emergency management, and healthcare industry should include this plan to manage the emergency efficiently.

Problem analysis

The problem analysis is crucial for the emergency management, and healthcare should include this for managing the unexpected emergencies. Healthcare should integrate this step as it benefits in identifying the strategies for prevention, response and recovery.

With the including of this step, healthcare will be able to:

  • List the situations of hazards and emergency.
  • List the potential issues.
  • Identify the causes is easy.
  • Develop the strategies for response, recovery and trigger events

Analysis of resources

Managing the crisis without resources is something that is next to impossible. If there are no resources, then the organization wouldn’t be able to ensure recovery and response. So, it is vital that for the efficient management there should be the integration of analysis for resources. The analysis of resources accumulates training, facilities, materials, money, and people. For analyzing the resources here are the questions to ask for:

  • What are the resources required?
  • What are the probable strategies?
  • Who is accountable for the strategy?
  • When there is a shortfall, then who will be responsible for correcting it?

These are the questions that business must take care for the efficient management of the emergency.

Roles and responsibilities

It is again one of the relevant steps that healthcare industry should include this to manage emergencies. Healthcare should ensure that the roles and responsibilities are defined to ensure that people are conscious of their roles and accountabilities.

Below are the questions relevant to the description of roles and accountabilities are:

  • How can information be obtained to describe the roles and responsibilities of the team members?
  • Have you defined the roles to the group adequately?
  • Does every member know the particular task that is to be performed?
  • Who is the primary lead while managing the emergency?

Communication management

The management of communication is relevant to ensure the appropriate emergency plan. It is fundamental that the healthcare must look after the adequate managing of communication. The lead must confirm that the team can communicate while managing the emergency tasks.

Final words

An emergency can be hazardous, but they are not entirely unavoidable. Following the above tips will be helpful in ensuring the safety of the public and their health. The only requirement is that healthcare should accumulate the steps that are discussed.

About the Author:
Emily loves to write on issues related to Health, Workplace emergency. She has been in this industry for 5+ years and specialises in writing educative content on Health and emergency. She loves to read trending news to keep her updated!

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