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Bar Stools Have Now Made Their Way
Inside Home Kitchens Too

By Karen Anthony

Although stools are distinctly different from chairs in its design as it does not use the backrest and arms, some modern stool designs do not hesitate to incorporate it as a feature. However, it maintains the traditional feature of a single-seater supported on a base of one or multiple legs. Cafe Solutions Brisbane, a furniture shop for restaurant and cafe furniture, has a wide collection of different types of stools. Stools are appealing due to its simple design and versatile use that can suit any occasion, whether in an outdoor or indoor setting, at homes or in restaurants and bars.

Bar stools are the tallest

You can design a stool in the way you want by using different materials and create styles that make it look different with variations in height, weight and seat size that all contribute to the ease of use and durability. Stools used at homes are different from bar stools, which are the tallest in the stool family. The seat height of bar stools can vary between 29 inches and 32 inches to match with the height of bar counters that range between 40 inches and 42 inches.

Make stools taller

Counter height stools are suitable for use with counters that stand between 35 inches and 37 inches, and the matching seat height should be between 23 inches and 28 inches. To add flexibility to the stool height, it is possible to make stools taller by adding extenders to each leg of the stool. Leg extenders are usually screwed to the legs and made to fit around it or snapped into place. However, after attaching the extenders, you must ensure that it has perfect levelling.

Not for bars only but suited for kitchens too

Although named bar stools due to its exceptional height that matches the height of bar counters, these are also good for use at homes. No, you would surely not like to have it in your living space or even in the dining room, but surely there is a place for it in the kitchen. Known as kitchen bar stools, these are ideal for use in modern kitchens that have breakfast bars and dining tables aligned with the kitchen islands, which is the most trending style in kitchen design today.

Geometric designs

The modern stool design incorporates geometric designs in the stool structure instead of the traditional looks of four legs standing apart like sticks. The geometric design produces clean lines that look fantastic from the perspective of minimalist design that is making waves. For space-saving, the swivel stool design with geometrical accents looks simply awesome with waxed wooden seats and brass legs that have a vintage finish. The stool design is so versatile that it works very well in both contemporary settings and rustic environments.

The Tolix Marais style counter stool is an iconic style that suits any industrial and rustic interiors with equal ease. The design has proved its timeless appeal as furniture makers keep replicating it ever since it first made its appearance in 1934.

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