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Why Do So Many People Start Choosing Private Rehab Centers Over State Ones?

By Phyllis Baker

There is no secret that drug and alcohol addiction has the potential to destroy a person’s life. What’s more, alcohol and drug addiction affects friends and family members too. They are also affected by the spiral of confusion, pain, and loss. In most cases, addiction doesn’t have a happy ending. However, there is hope for users that decide to seek help with addiction in order to overcome their problem.

The first and most important step to recovery is admitting existence of the problem. The user must accept that addiction is a problem that needs addressing. When a person takes this bold step, they can seek help from the right place. Don’t forget that people recover from alcohol and drug addiction differently. Some patients need different treatment methods to recover. But, the most intense and the safest environment for recovery is a rehabilitation center. And when it comes to seeking treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction, you have an option to choose a private or government rehab center.

Private Rehab Centers versus Public Rehab Centers

There are increasing numbers of people that are opting for private rehabilitation. A private rehab center is simply private just like the name suggests. It is a clinic that offers residents seclusion and anonymity as well as more focused treatment. It also uses proven addiction treatment methods that are administered by qualified professionals.

Public rehabilitation centers, on the other hand, are state-funded institutions. These are created for people that may not have means for enrolling or obtaining treatment in private centers. They offer low-cost programs to people with financial difficulties. In fact, some state centers offer no-cost care to patients. However, despite this being a cheaper option, many people are choosing private rehab centers for varied reasons.

Benefits of Private Drug Rehab Center

There are many benefits of a private center that are compelling more people to choose them.

Here are the major benefits of a private center for alcohol and drugs rehabilitation:

  • Exclusivity - Since private centers have more space they give a shorter waiting period. Research indicates that when individuals wait longer before they enter a rehab center, their likelihood of entering the facility is lower. This can be attributed to several factors including the continued use of the addictive substance while still in the waiting list.
  • Atmosphere - The atmosphere of private centers is better than that of government centers. That’s because a private center costs more. Thus, it can afford to pay higher salaries and wages to medical professionals and staffs. It can also afford extras like nice amenities and private rooms. All these enhance the atmosphere of private facilities. The atmosphere of private centers is beneficial because it allows for more attention, private time with the staff, education and extensive follow-up.
  • Privacy - Just like the name suggests private drug treatment centers are private. They offer more seclusion and anonymity. Patients get addiction treatment that suits their specific needs. Privacy makes these centers a preference for high-level executives and celebrities.

Costs of Private Rehab Centers

The first and obvious concern that people have when seeking rehabilitation is the cost. The cost of substance abuse treatment varies from one center to another. Typically, the cost of private rehab centers is higher than that of state centers. That’s because private centers are more exclusive. They also offer programs that are tailored to suit the needs of individual patients.

When a person joins a private center, they choose from different programs options that serve their interests and lifestyle better. The available options may include executive rehab, religious-focused rehab, LGBT friendly rehab, luxury rehab, and wilderness therapy.

What’s more, private centers allow patients an opportunity to meet people that they may share the same struggle, experiences, and outlook with. It allows peer-to-peer interaction that can inspire and encourage change.

It’s important to note that a private rehab clinic may not accept payments by insurance or insurance billing for the provided services. Nevertheless, this may differ depending on the insurance coverage and policy of the patient.

But though, private centers cost thousands of dollars, it’s crucial to bear in mind the fact that recovery from addiction is an important investment. It’s an investment that you can repay in your lifetime. Otherwise, if you don’t make the decision to invest in recovery, you may end up with more debts and dependence on the substance. This will bring additional stress to you and your loved ones.


Private rehab centers offer different programs that are designed to enhance recovery.

They include:

  • Individualized program - This is a program that is created around the patient’s circumstances, needs and input. It can also include friends and family members’ input.
  • Smaller programs - Private centers take a smaller number of patients at any time. This ensures that the staff has a manageable group thereby ensuring more focused treatment for the patients.
  • Connection - Connecting with patients at private centers is easy due to the small number of patients. This connection ensures that patients do not feel alone in the center.
  • Close supervision - Private facilities have qualified medical personnel that monitors the progress of patients. The medical staff at the center addresses issues that relate to detoxification and other conditions.
  • Personalized attention - Patients at private facilities receive personalized attention that is aimed at treating their individual problems. This includes a one-on-one counseling that is very important in overall addiction treatment.
  • No waitlists - When patients go to private centers, they are not placed in long waitlists. This is very important because wait time has an impact on the overall recovery of a patient.

Everybody has a different life. As such, it’s important to consider the available facilities before you make a decision on the center to enroll in. If you are torn between private rehab vs. public rehab, consider the benefits of each and your needs. Choose a facility where you will feel more comfortable and focus on recovery without being worried about anything. Also, visit different facilities to know their programs and the best option for you.

About the Author:
Phyllis Baker is a healthy lifestyle blogger with an active social position. Currently, Phyllis is focused on various addictions, their effects on people’s lives, and their treatments.


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