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Bad Breath: What Causes It
and What to Do About It

Bad Breath

No matter who you are, you have suffered from bad breath at some point in your life. Maybe you notice it when you wake up in the morning. Perhaps you suffer from it after a large or spicy meal. It may feel more noticeable when you are in intimate social situations. As you go in for a kiss, you may start to worry that your breath is not up to the task. Bad breath is a common problem, but that does not mean it is an acceptable one. Here are the common causes of bad breath and a few tips to deal with it.

Your Food Can Cause Bad Breath

A common source of bad breath is your food. We all know that food affects the way we feel. A heavy meal can cause bowel disruptions, and spicy dishes can lead to various types of indigestion. It should not be a surprise that your diet also impacts the smell of your breath. When food breaks down, it can create bacteria in your mouth. This can create a foul odor. There are also especially pungent foods that will linger on your breath. Things like onions and garlic can get into your bloodstream, which amplifies the problem. Similarly, if you smoke or use tobacco, bad breath can be a consequence.

Your Dental Hygiene Affects Your Breath

In some cases, bad breath can be linked to your dental habits. If you do not wash your body, it will start to carry an odor. The same is true of your mouth. It is important to brush and floss daily to remove all food particles from your mouth. You should also clean enough to remove any plaque from your teeth. This sticky film can quickly trap bacteria and lead to various odors. Hygiene is especially important if you have dentures, braces or retainers.

Bad Breath

Medical Conditions and Medications Can Change Your Breath

Your bad breath can also be a sign of other health conditions. Mild conditions such as dry mouth do lead to bad breath in some cases. This is why some people suffer from morning breath. However, more serious medical conditions are also linked to bad breath. Your breath's smell may be related to digestive disorders, metabolic issues, nose and throat conditions, infections and more. Some of these conditions can be serious, which is why you should always discuss bad breath with your dental provider. Bad breath can also be caused by various medications.

Address Bad Breath with Improved Dental Tricks

If you have a medical condition, you may need to work on various other treatments to address the cause of the issue. However, in most cases, bad breath is caused by minor issues that are easily fixed at home with proper dental hygiene. Start by making sure you brush your teeth regularly. Also, make sure you brush your teeth correctly. Brush after every meal, and be sure to brush all sides of your teeth and your tongue. Then, always take time to floss. Another dental hygiene tip is to change your toothbrush consistently, and clean any other dental products that you use. You can contact a professional like this Dentist in west point to help you cure your bad breath. Finally, keep up to date with your dentist. With regular cleanings, you can help promote healthy teeth and better breath at all times.

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