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What Parents Need to Know about
Baby Food and Heavy Metal?

At present, there are many baby food brands in the market, and the parents need to be conscious about choosing the right one for their children. Although these brands project their product to be safe, some baby foods contain heavy metals. Recent reports from the US House Committee have shown that many baby foods are treated with heavy metals like Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead. 

So, if you are buying baby food as per Brooklyn WIC, have a look at the information given below:

What Do Parents Need to Know about Baby Food?

  • Most top-order baby food brands treat their products with heavy metals
  • Consumption of heavy metals with food for the babies can be fatal
  • Not all organic baby foods are hazard-free and might contain the heavy metals

The Escape Route

Being a parent, you must be panicking about your baby’s health by now. There are some escape routes you can take to ensure good health for the citizens of the future. Here are the details:

Give Natural Food to the Babies

Generally, natural food items are not treated with heavy metals. So, they are safer for babies than processed baby foods. You can give anything made of rice, barley, and corn to the babies. While you buy the packages of these items, remember to check if there are any preservatives or chemicals present in them. 

Choose Fruits over Fruit Juices

Nowadays, most fruits in the US are farmed organically. So, you can easily get them in line with Brooklyn WIC. Try avoiding processed fruit juices as they contain hazardous preservatives. Moreover, long-term consumption of fruit juices can lead the babies to develop obesity and cavities. This can make them weak in their growing years.

Moreover, being a packaged and ready-to-drink product, certain fruit juices can have a percentage of lead which is a heavy metal. 

Look for Pure Drinkable Water

Proper hydration is the primary necessity for every child. So you should make sure to provide them with pure drinkable water. While it is not possible to purchase packaged drinking all the time, you should check all your house's pipelines. 

If possible, you can install a filtering machine for the water outlet from where you can catch the drinking water. Consider it harmful to give untreated water to children as it can be the reason for allergies. 

Avoid Giving Frozen Food to Babies

Frozen meat and fish consumption are quite common in the US. However, you must try not to give them such items during their growing years. This can minimize the risk of health hazards related to heavy metals. 

As an alternative to the frozen foods, you can choose to give fresh meat and fish to your children. 


As a parent looking for Brooklyn WIC, you should know that the baby food market is going through turmoil as the presence of heavy metals in the products is proven. The best you can do is take the escape routes mentioned here and wait till the brands make safe products again.

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