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Top 5 World Problems in 2020 that
Ayahuasca Can Help Get Rid Of

The world is fraught with problems in the current times. As we are hit with covid 19 and lockdowns continue to rule the roost, the world economy is taking a rapid nose dive and crime rates continue to rise. The entire global scenario is in a state of chaos and panic, creating even more of pandemonium. The antidote to the virus is yet to be discovered. However, the real virus lies in our own mindset and along with following the necessary precautions to dispel coronavirus, we need to change our mindset. The ayahuasca can prove to be a helpful tool in ridding the world of certain problems which may have been accelerated by the onset of this pandemic. The ayahuasca is plant liana which is derived from the tribes of the Amazon rain forest and used as special brew for ritualistic purposes. It is made from banisteropsis caapi vine and chacruna shrubs. Apparently it has paved the way for a medical research as it has many health benefits. Let us see how relevant it is to helping with the world problems...


The presence of DMT in this liana brew adds to the already visionary state of the herb. So it is always recommended to take the drink under the guidance of a compassionate and learned shaman to gain benefits. Now many of us have had past histories of unhappy childhoods or bitter experiences in life. Some may even carry terrible scars which lead them to mental havoc, causing violent streaks. This kind of trait can lead to bitter unhappiness and social conflicts. So try the effect of ayahuasca to bring out your inner awareness and connect with the spirit world. While it is not a magic pill and can cure your issues overnight, it may certainly reduce the violent streaks or help you combat them. The effect of this drug is individual dependent as is evident from listening to Dr. Naranjo’s talk.


Many individuals are suffering from lockdown blues in the current times and vent their pent up frustration on people around them by being domineering. This state of domination is as well bothersome for the person exercising it as well as and more for the victim who is being bossed around. The power of ayahuasca allows us to open our locked insights and level with our subconscious selves. A deeper sense of right and wrong may prevail in such cases but again as stated before, its person dependent. You can get able guidelines form knowing deeper about the ayahuasca liana and the proper treatment procedures on it. You can get relevant help from the Club of Rome which addresses larger world issues.


This is the age of women’s liberation where women are given equal rights as men. However in this day and age, women are still subject to a lot of harassments. So this is where the ayahuasca steps in to cure the people who maltreat women. The deeper mental conditioning of ayahuasca awakens self and a deeper analysis of the spirit realm. This is where you can understand your own human errors and rectify them.


The world follows a system of patriarchy which is underlined in most countries. This brings forth desires for a boy child to carry on the lineage in most families. In many third world countries, female infanticide is in vogue as girls are considered a burden on the family. But this is a totally wrong mentality and the intake of ayahusca in a congenial setup may awaken this understanding.


The intake of ayahuasca often lets a person fly to a state of parallel reality and depersonalization. It can reduce a lot of mental issues like depression, anger, buried memories and post traumatic disorder which may have led to this condition. In fact, many people have reported feeling like they are newborn after taking an intake of this magical brew. So you can be sure to try out ayahuasca for a deeper understanding of life and connect with the spirit world.

Conclusive summary 

So these are some of the world problems that the medical herbal tea ayahauscan can aim at resolving or at least reducing. You can be sure of guaranteed results if you try out the ayahusca therapy the right way. So knowing all these prospects and finding out more about the ayahuasca be done via the online references. You will need to steer clear of caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and red meat for the preparations. Be prepared for heavy duty nausea. dizziness and hallucinations as they are considered purging and part of the self cleansing process. You can find a lot of relevant information on ayahuasca retreat in Moyano center.

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