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4 Ways to Avoid Getting Lost in a Forest

Avoid Getting Lost in a Forest

The list of popular picnic spots cannot be completed without including forests. Forest offers a variety of fun to the kids as well as adventures to adults. Hiking helps to explore the forest and its assets. Young people always like to explore nature in the woods.

Forests are also the hotpot for hunting, whether professional or seasonal. The hunters get a variety of prey in forests. High density and diversity of animals ensure that hunters do not get home empty-handed. Foresters manage the hunting in forests to maintain biodiversity.

Does not matter what your reason for being in a forest is; you must act upon the following advice if you do not want to end up being lost in woods.

Learn to use a compass

You must be familiar with using a compass. Either carry a traditional compass or install a compass app on your smartphone. You must keep track of direction while moving. In case you get lost, you can always go back in the opposite direction until you reach the point where you started. Besides using a compass, you can use signs like the direction of graves or satellites on houses. Churches and graves face east usually, and satellite dishes point towards the southwest direction. Make sure you know most direction signs to reduce the chance of getting lost in woods.

Read a map

You must carry a map if you are going to an area where there are no signals. You may carry a map app on your phone, but actual maps are always a preferable deal. Before leaving for the forest, analyze and read the map carefully. Look for signs which can help you locate yourself. Identify physical structures and remember their direction. You must know all the highlighting spots of the place you are going to visit. You must be familiar with the landmarks before you reach the forest.

Avoid Getting Lost in a Forest


You must carry a GPS device to help you locate yourself with the help of a satellite connection. GPS isa very invaluable device for those who keep traveling and visiting unfamiliar places. If you are a hunter, you must be visiting new forests every other day. You can beat your worst nightmare of getting lost in the woods by buying a good GPS for hunting. Make sure you keep it in your pocket so that you never lose it by chance.

Use nature

An ancient and most famous way of checking your direction is using North Star. On long sea trips in the past, it was a frequently used method to make sure one does not get lost in a vast ocean. The sky must be clear to help you locate North star quickly. Always check your location against North star to analyze later in case you feel lost in the forest.

Following these tips can help you to avoid the chances of getting lost in the woods. So next time, when you plan to visit a forest, make sure you keep these points in your mind and have a safe trip.

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