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Autoflowering Seeds: 7 Things You Need to Know

There are varieties of autoflowering seeds available. As a result, the search for the right seed could be a tricky task. There are, however, common ones like the photoperiod and the auto-flowering seeds. These days, the spotlight is gradually turning on auto-flowering seeds due to its unique quality. Besides, the seed exhibits many properties not present in other cannabis strains


While there are disadvantages of autoflowering seeds, the pros outweigh the cons. The seed is pretty popular among first-time growers because it is highly tolerant and forgiving of many errors.

This article will explore the essential things to know about auto-flowering seeds. Before that, a brief detail about what is the best cheap autoflowering seeds will be helpful.

What are auto-flowering Seeds?

The cannabis plant is a highly mysterious plant that has puzzled researchers for years. This lies around its ability to survive and adapt to various prevailing environmental conditions. The most common strain is the Indica and Sativa strain. Many people, however, do not know about the Ruderalis strain, which is responsible for auto-flowering.

The Cannabis Ruderalis strain is native to Russia, Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe. It is common for its auto-flowering attributes, i.e., the flowering occurs automatically. Its growth, life cycle, and maturity are way different from the Sativa and Indica strain.

Ruderalis strain, over the years, developed its trait due to adaptation to the environment and other conditions. This is why the plant grows easily, without taking cues from prevailing environmental conditions. This is an amazing seed with lots of mysterious characters. This article focuses on seven things to know about the seed. You’ll get this product at ILGM.

1. Autos Can Grow all Year Round

In as little as 8 to 10 weeks, autoflowers will be ready for harvesting. This trait is advantageous for people living in a mild or warm climate as they have an endless growing opportunity. It makes it possible to have five unlimited harvest periods depending on prevailing conditions. 


We can consider autoflowers as rugged species. Once the condition is above the freezing point, they will survive. Frost does not affect them even though a frigid temperature might impede the survival of the most rugged autoflowers.

Kindly note that there are autoflowers that could take up to 18 weeks from seed time to harvest time. This is a factor of the genes of the seed. This maturity period, in terms of the duration, is still favorable compared to photoperiod strain. 

2. Age Triggers Flowering

There is a gene in charge of photoperiod dependency and response for flowering in other regular cannabis strains. This gene is absent in auto-flowering plants; hence, the flowering time is not in response to the circadian rhythm. 

Scientists still do not have a definite clue on which gene in auto-flowering strain takes care of flowering. One thing they are, however, sure of is that flowering in auto-flowering cannabis seed comes around due to age. This occurs around the seventh week after germination.

3. Autoflowering Seeds Need No Darkness

Autoflowers do not respond to changes in the light cycle to trigger flowering. This makes it easy to cultivate them using varieties of lighting cycles. You can grow them using the 24/0 or 16/8 flowering cycle, although many growers prefer the 24/0 regime.

There is a belief that in darkness, some hormonal and metabolic process takes place. Furthermore, they believe that if your plant "rests" at night, you will have a healthy plant. This has neither scientific backing nor evidence when it comes to auto-flowering cannabis strain.

4. It is Difficult to Transplant Autoflowers

When planting autoflowers, you are better off planting and leaving them in a container till harvesting. This is because transplanting an auto flower is pretty delicate, compared to other varieties. It is not like different strains as transplanting can affect its growth and disrupt the life cycle.

It is not an impossible process altogether. It is, however, stressful and requires extreme caution. If you can transplant without shocking the roots, that will be awesome. Shocking the roots can retard its growth for as long as seven days.


5. Their Flowering is Independent of Light

The growth process of auto-flowering seed does not rely on light. Their entire life cycle, from growth to maturity, happens in a pretty short time compared to other cannabis strains. Their cultivation does not strictly require a definite period of light or darkness. This means that the farmer does not have to spend too much on electricity to cultivate autoflowers.

However, it is essential to understand the behavior and response of your strain to light or darkness. Some varieties might come out with low yields when cultivated under a 12/12 light condition while others could require a 24-hour regime.

6. Cloning Autoflower is Difficult

Over the years, farmers have tried to clone autoflowers. It is, however, a complicated process that made growers believe that cloning autoflower is difficult. When growers take a cutting from an autoflower to another plant, the cutting does have to follow the mother's genetic timeline. The flowering will be restricted to the mother's timeframe producing a negligible yield.

Some growers, yet, have been successful with cloning auto-flowering. They could support their growth in vegetative mode to reach a significant size, like their mother. Flowering then begins at maximum capacity.


7. Autoflowering Seeds are Small and Easy to Grow

There is no restriction on where you can grow autoflowers. You can plant them in soil, pots, or containers. The germination takes a maximum of 4 days, and older seeds might take up to a week to sprout. This is possible as long as you secure the seeds in a moistened paper towel on a plate. You will also have to keep the moisture in by covering with another plate.


As long as you choose the right auto-flowering seed, you will have no issue whatsoever growing them. Planting and cultivating is easy, and you will enjoy the process. The plants survive well, whether inside or outside, and are highly forgiving of cannabis growing mistakes.

If you have never grown cannabis, this is a fantastic strain to consider.

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