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Using Asset Tracking in Hospitals

Modern healthcare institutions rely on technology more than ever. Hospitals that want to optimize their operations and avoid unnecessary expenditure frequently go for smart solutions that allow them to streamline everyday processes. What is medical asset tracking and how can it solve complex issues? Keep reading our entry to discover answers to these and other questions!

Medical asset tracking solutions - what are they?

In a nutshell, medical asset tracking simply means that we tag devices and equipment to easily locate them in healthcare institutions. Although it might seem to you that such activities are pointless, every specialist operating in the medical sector knows how hard it is to keep an eye on all the ongoing processes and monitor tools and equipment.

The use of BLE asset tags makes it possible to organize and analyze available information, all this with the use of a smartphone or laptop.

Challenges faced by modern hospitals

Some of the most common challenges faced by modern hospital include:

  • Difficulties with locating needed tools and equipment like wheelchairs, which has a negative impact on the patients’ experience and significantly prolongs the waiting time
  • Healthcare professionals wasting valuable time to find and locate objects necessary to provide patients with adequate care
  • Too much time devoted to administrative tasks that are tedious and should be automated. As a result, fewer patients receive the help they need
  • Problems with monitoring available assets which frequently translate into unnecessary expenditures (hospitals don’t know that they have given devices so they buy more only to realize that they needn’t have done that)
  • Difficulties with storing equipment safely. As a result, tools and devices are frequently stolen and it’s impossible to prevent.

Asset tracking in healthcare - top benefits

Asset tracking in healthcare brings numerous benefits to every medical facility. The most important ones include the possibility to:

  • Reduce the waiting time and ensure that all patients get an appropriate level of care
  • Increase the satisfaction of both patients and healthcare professionals
  • Effectively manage available assets and ongoing processes
  • Save money (monitoring available tools and equipment makes it possible to minimize unnecessary purchases)
  • Streamline everyday operations by integrating important data and storing it in one place

The takeaway

Medical asset tracking significantly helps healthcare institutions to monitor their resources, operate more effectively, provide patients with a sufficient level of care and minimize unnecessary expenditures. If you want to take your medical facility management to the next level, you should definitely consider deploying smart BLE solutions.

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