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Benjamin Gordon of Cambridge Capital Shares
Views About Artificial Intelligence During COVID-19


Ever since the pandemic disturbed the normal equilibrium of the people, places, and things, the world over, among all the measures that are being tested and researched by experts to address issues related to COVID-19, artificial intelligence has proved to be one of the game-changers.

Right from the healthcare sector to generating reports and documentation, the benefits that this new technology is offering are unbounded. And this is exactly what we will see explained in this write-up.

Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital cites the instances of application of artificial intelligence.

So, you must read on to know how artificial intelligence has impacted the coronavirus pandemic for the good of humans.

  1. In monitoring patients and treatment methods

It is a well-known fact that COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease. To stay safe and prevent contracting the deadly disease that affects and damages the lungs aside from the other major organs like the liver, heart, brain, and kidney, we must stay away from the one that is infected.

This also means that the one that is in close contact with the suspected individual is vulnerable as well. But healthcare workers must carry on with their jobs. With the help of artificial intelligence, this one-to-one interaction has been greatly reduced. Many hospitals are doing the work of thermal scanning for patients that visit the hospitals to get tested.

  1. Checking for compliance with protocols

With the help of artificial intelligence, robots are extensively being used in healthcare and its allied field. And how is it helping during the pandemic?

In many countries and many hospitals across the world, robots and drones are monitoring whether people are complying with the protocols of social distancing and maintaining the norms that have been laid down by the government. The ones that are not following the norms are being asked to do the same.

  1. Drones are providing essential items and medicines

According to Benjamin Gordon Cambridge Capital, artificial intelligence-driven drones are helping by supplying and transporting medicines and other essential items of medical importance from one place to another.

This has also curbed the chances of social contacts and helped in complying with the norms of social distancing during the pandemic.

Aside from transferring or transporting essential items from one place to another, these robots are said to have played an instrumental role in sanitizing areas and cleaning those areas that otherwise would have been difficult for a cleaner at the hospitals to do away with such wastes of patients of coronavirus infected patients that would have greater chances of spreading the infection.

However, this application is not available in all hospitals but in a few hospitals in selected places.

We have seen the above instances when artificial intelligence has helped immensely during the pandemic and is still doing so. With every passing day, it is assumed that there will be greater progress at different levels and in different sectors when artificial intelligence will be dominating the scene at a much larger scale.

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