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Enter the Art of Microblading Business Using These 5 Tips


Microblading business is one of the most lucrative careers at the moment and it’s no wonder it’s a choice of many people who are looking for a career change or just want to start something new and profitable from scratch.

Besides its numerous perks such as a flexible schedule, good income, and is so rewarding and compelling, one of the most important reasons people choose a career in microblading is that it doesn't require too much time and standard education to become a microblading artist.

Here’s how to start a microblading business, step by step.

Find a Good Training

This is something you shouldn't take for granted. Finding reputable and quality training is not that easy, since there are so many microblading trainers nowadays. To ensure you get all the knowledge to be job-ready after the training, check the reviews of live or online training in your area.

Your training should include all the theory and practical parts you need for mastering the skill. For example, if you choose PhiBrows USA microblading training, you'll get to work on live models, which is one of the most important things in the learning process.

Your instructor should be someone who is there for all of your questions and who monitors your work and progress until you get certified, and gives you support when you start your own business.

Getting Certified and Licensed

Once you pass all the levels of the microblading training and pass the final exam, you’ll get certified. You will also need to complete Bloodborne pathogens training before your certification (or some trainers ask for it before you start the course).

In some states, just passing a course is not enough and you need to enroll in an apprenticeship program before continuing toward licensing.

When it comes to getting your microblading license, it’s usually issued by the state or local Health Department. You’ll need to contact them to see what you need to become a licensed microblading artist. Most states in the US require a tattoo license for providing microblading services.

Finding a Place to Work

Once you get your certificate and license, you’ll need a place to work. Most beginners rent a chair in an already established studio until they earn enough to open their own studio. If you want to open your own space immediately, you’ll need to equip it properly. You’ll need a microblading chair or a bed, a ring light, and all the microblading supplies.

Most students get a kit at the training that they can use for their first clients or models. You will learn in your microblading course what you need for your microblading business - all the tools, pigments, mapping tools, and the things you need for keeping your salon clean and sterile.

Some people also open a studio in a room in their house, but that is not legal everywhere and some states require the room to have a separate entrance.

Getting Your First Clients

This is one of the hardest parts of any business. Before you start looking for the first clients, you’ll need to build your portfolio. That’s why you’ll need to do a couple of works for free, i.e. to get models and take pictures for your social media page and for advertising your studio.

If you are confident enough, you can charge them very low prices, just to cover the costs of the supplies. Also, make sure you spend all of your time practicing and improving your work and learning more tricks from good artists (you can find a lot of useful content on social media).

Once you are confident enough and have a couple of works to show, you can start taking your first clients.


You’ll need to advertise your services. Google marketing is proven to be the most effective, but if you don’t have enough to invest, you can share your work and offers in local Facebook groups and on Instagram.

A referral program is also a great thing to get new clients. For instance, you can do a touch-up for free to a client that recommends your salon and brings you another client.


Starting a new business requires persistence and hard work, but it always pays off. Remember to never stop learning and give your best for every set of eyebrows you do, because that is your advertisement.

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