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Cold-Pressed Juices – Are Juices Even Healthy?

Cold-pressed juices are made by simply pressing or masticating fruits and vegetables using machines called cold-pressed juicers. The companies selling these juices claim they are healthier than regular juices that you can buy from the cold section in any supermarket and there are significant benefits.

Let us see what makes cold-pressed juices healthier than others.

Nutrient Content

The process of cold-pressing a fruit or vegetable naturally releases the juice, whereas other juicing techniques involve blades. Here, the thought process revolves around the heat produced by blades when they spin at very high speeds, which destroys the nutrients within the fruit or vegetable. This is because vitamin C found in fruit juices is sensitive to heat and light.

As cold-pressed juicing involves no direct contact between the juice and heat/light, the juices extracted are healthier compared to other processes. However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove this claim.

Juice Concentration

As natural juices are wholly made from fruits or vegetables, they have no added sugar or preservatives to keep them fresh for a longer time. This one benefit of cold-pressing juicing makes it better than others.

You have multiple options when you want fruit juice. If you choose a tetra pack of juice, you drink nothing but sugar syrup with preservatives. Besides, the fruit juice you buy from a juice shop can be diluted. Since these juices are natural, they are less diluted and healthier.

Are Juices Healthy in General?

The nutrition levels of the juice processed through cold press juicer are slightly higher compared to juices extracted using other machines. However, if it is about getting the right nutrition from fruits and vegetables, juicers are not as great as we believe.

Here, what we have concluded so far is that the best thing to do is to extract the juice from the fruit yourself using a cold-pressed juicing machine, as they are better juicers compared to others. Well, that is not even close to eating a piece of fresh fruit.

Imagine you eat the whole piece of fresh fruit, which includes its skin, flesh, and probably the seeds too. Now, you get the complete nutrition that you can expect, which is controlled in the nutritional aspect. Also, you didn’t simply extract the sugar from the whole fruit and consumed it at one time.

Juices may give you essential nutrients and natural sugars, but you lose the dietary fiber essential for digestion. Without fiber, juices are quickly digested in the body, causing high blood sugar levels, and spiked insulin levels. Besides, drinking a whole bottle of apple juice will not fill you up like a whole apple.

The dietary fiber keeps you full for a longer time and gives the fruit bulk. So, when you chew on your favorite fruit, it is busy filling up your stomach.


Today, many people choose to break their relationship with food and go on these restrictive diets to reduce body weight. This simply cuts down their intake of essential nutrients like protein and more, which is not good for health.

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