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Are Childcare Centres Profitable?

Childcare Centres

For those who are passionate about caring for children and enabling their early learning, working in the world of childcare may be the perfect fit for you! Daycare centres are more than simply a place for parents to leave their children for the day while they work; they are a nurturing environment that aims to build a foundation for success. By enhancing socialization, learning, and communication through playing and interactive activities, daycares ensure that their children are stimulated and appreciated throughout the day.

If this sounds like a rewarding way to spend your day, then perhaps establishing your own daycare centre is an option you should pursue. But naturally, as with any business venture, it’s important to consider the financial aspects. Starting your own business requires capital, so knowing whether your daycare can support you financially would be reassuring. Therefore, let’s explore whether childcare centres are profitable.

Type of Daycare

The first thing to consider is what type of daycare you hope to create. There are two main types: home-based daycares and daycare facilities outside the home.

From an expense perspective, home-based daycares often cost less money to set up. As you are based out of your own home, you do not have to worry about renting an additional space, setting up additional electrical, heating, and water bills, and decorating the space. While you may have to invest in new toys, activities, and safety measures, your main expenses will likely be supplies and staff. However, as a home-based daycare, you are limited in space, and thus in the number of children you are able to look after. Therefore, while your bills may not be as high, you are also limiting your income.

Daycare facilities that are based outside of the home are likely what come to mind when you think of daycare. With a set structure and staff dedicated to early learning, daycare facilities tend to be the more popular option. Fortunately, with their more expansive space and a greater number of staff members, these daycares can handle the demand and accept more children into their program.

Naturally, this setup does come with greater expenses as you contend with rent, staff, maintenance, supplies, and possibly even transportation. It’s important to balance how much you will be spending against how much you will be making, particularly in your first few years.

Childcare Centres


The location of the daycare will have a large effect on the success of your daycare as well. By securing a spot in an area that is heavily populated, you have a greater chance of attracting customers. Parents are typically in a rush in the morning and don’t have the time to drive out of their way to drop their children off. Instead, they are more likely to turn to a daycare provider that is conveniently located.

While a more popular location may mean you are paying more in rent, you are also able to charge more for your services, provided your level of care justifies the price.

Customer Turnover

Children do not stay in childcare forever, typically averaging two years in your care, so it’s important that you are constantly working to secure new customers. To accomplish this, you will need to actively advertise your daycare throughout the year to ensure you remain at full capacity, thus maximizing your profits.

So Are Daycare Centres Profitable?

Provided you are smart with your money and your customers, yes, daycare centres can be profitable. While you should not expect to support yourself solely with your daycare in the first few years, your dedication to the children will pay off in the long run and build you a positive reputation.

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