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Arabian Perfumes in Dubai

Any person's perfume collection will be incomplete if it does not contain authentic Arabic fragrances. With their specificity, they create unique bouquets that are different from Western brands. If you want to enjoy these differences and experience the Oriental palette of aromas, buy perfumes in the online store with a wide range of unique perfume products.

How Are Arabic Oil Perfumes Different?

If you want to feel the royal aromas and lingering spice of the Arabian East, try perfumes UAE from local producers. They have their own uniqueness due to the peculiarities of their production:

  • Arabic perfumery has traditionally used an oil base to create perfumes. In contrast, Western manufacturers prefer an alcohol base.
  • Thanks to the use of natural oils, Arabic perfumes are more persistent, rich, and intense.
  • In the Western tradition, male and female odors are clearly distinguished. In the Eastern perfumery culture, in fragrances created on the basis of oud, such a boundary is vague. Oud has a variety of flavors that can appeal to any gender.
  • Arabic perfumes are more concentrated. Therefore, by buying even small volumes of products, the buyer can enjoy their unique smells for a very long time.
Arabian Perfumes

How You Can Use Arabic Perfume

Another important difference between Arabic perfumery is that in the East, it is used in much larger quantities and everywhere:

  • Perfume is applied not only to the body. It can be used to aromatize clothes and applied to jewelry.
  • Perfumes in the form of bakhoor are used to fumigate rooms with a pleasant aroma. Special types of bakhoor are designed for different occasions and activities: everyday life, meditative practices, religious ceremonies, etc.
  • Perfumes are also used for spraying in interiors and cars.

The Widest Range of Perfumes in Dubai

If you want to try as many Arabic fragrances as possible, check out the online store. Here, you will find not only the widest range of perfumes but also the opportunity to get acquainted with them at the lowest price. To do this, the company offers several programs that allow you to buy a large number of perfumes in small volumes. Once you have chosen your ideal scent, buying a large bottle will be a completely different experience. Now, you will be sure that the acquired fragrances are harmonious with you.

Two Programs to Familiarize Yourself with the Most Magical Arabic Aromas

  • The buyer can order a tester kit, which contains 10 bottles of women's, men's, or unisex perfumes with a volume of 5 ml. The cost of such a set is 99dhs.
  • Customers can select to get a subscription. Every month, they will be sent 6 of the best Arabic fragrances also for 99dhs.

With these opportunities, you will discover all the best scents that can be found in Dubai. Order original perfume creations or 100% copies of perfumes of famous Arab and Western brands. Thanks to the low price of the company's products, you can gather the most luxurious collection of the best fragrances.

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