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Process and Ways to Apply for Birth Certificate

The birth certificate is a permanent and official record for a child's birth and existence Not issuing a birth certificate can put one in danger of being denied the right of an official identity and nationality. The birth certificate is an important legal document that registers the birth of a child. This process is done by the government in a very systematic way and is important for the government to note down the number of births per year for collection of data and keeping the statistics up to date. It is also extremely important for the government to know this keeping in account child healthcare facilities and other essential steps to be taken, it provides a demographic base.

The birth certificate is made on a special kind of paper, which is authorized by a multicolored seal, which assures that it's original and authentic. If this seal is found to be not present, strict actions can be taken, and interrogation can be done by the concerned agencies. The birth certificate of a person helps them to issue other important legal documents like AADHAR card, PAN card, Voter ID card, passport, etc. Basically, it acts as an identity and date of birth proof and gives access to other records. Earlier, births were poorly recorded, but since the law made in 1969, registration of births became compulsory in India. The birth certificate can be issued by the government of India and also by the municipality concerned. Some rules regarding the issuing of birth certificate vary from state to state. Still, mainly they contain some specific mandatory details required everywhere in the country, rest depends on the amount of information the particular state requires.

Applying for a birth certificate right after the child is born is relatively simple but may get complicated if you delay it beyond that.


In the case of an urban area, it can be issued by the municipal council, and in rural areas, the authority is the tehsildar at the taluka level. At the village level, it is the Gram panchayat office.


Birth certificate registration form can be filled offline as well as online. To fill the form online, one can visit and follow the necessary steps and upload the documents which are needed for further government verification, after this, the birth certificate will be delivered to your residence in 7-10 business days. When filling the form offline, one needs to follow the following steps.

STEP1: get birth certificate registration form from the registrar's office from the municipal authority.

STEP2: fill in the form within 21 days since birth.

STEP3: if it is not registered within 21 days, it is issued after police verification.

STEP4: once the verification of birth records is successfully done by the registrar, the birth certificate is issued to the person.


1) parent's birth certificates

2) parent's marriage certificate

3) parents identity proof

4) birth letter proof from the particular hospital


1) age proof for insurance reasons

2) age proof for marriage

3) applying for a passport

4) immigration requirements

5) getting enrolled in schools and colleges

A person without a birth certificate would be denied of Indian nationality and will not be able to reap the rights of a citizen of India. Hence, it is very important to get your child's birth certificate as soon as possible to avoid any inconveniences later.

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