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How a Mobile App Can Monitor the Health of Dogs

By Ricky Brown

While app developers have done a lot in several other sectors, they have not done much in animal healthcare especially for dogs. Since animals can’t talk, dog owners usually have a challenge knowing when their dog is in distress or in pains. It will be a welcome development if app developers can develop an app that will monitor the behaviors of a dog and when there is are signs that the dog isn’t feeling fine, the app will notify its owner.

App developers can make use of both artificial intelligence and Internet of things technologies. A chip will be embedded in the body of the dog or worn as a collar. App developers will now create an app that will be in contact with the chip probably through Bluetooth. App developers have already developed an app that monitors dogs. The same chip used for that could be upgraded. So, the app developers that created the app used to monitor pets can also handle this.

The app will monitor a dog’s behavior and notify the owner if there are signs that the dog is indisposed. The app may also diagnose the problem and suggest the best solution. More importantly, the app can also be used to guide the owner on the normal daily routine. It will remind the owner of the dog when it is time for bath, when it is time to take the dog for a walk. It could even monitor the weight of the dog and warn the owner if the dog is getting overweight so that a weight shedding program can begin.

Since there are two major mobile device platforms (iOS and Android), the app should be developed for the users of both platforms. It will take a very long time but at the end of the development, it will be worth the while. There is no feeling as demoralizing as being helpless when you beloved dog is in pain. It will take the collaboration of several veterinary doctors to build up the app but it is necessary.

The project could start with only dogs and when it becomes successful, it could be upgraded to accommodate cats, horses, and other domestic animals. To make easier, this article has outlined the necessary signs of pains in dogs that developers can work on...

Signs your dog is in pain

When a dog begins to limp, it is obvious that he is pain and when he has a wound, you can easily see that. The problem is that a dog can still be in pain and you may not know. So, this article explains some signs that man’s “best friend’ is not feeling too fine.

Sudden changes in behavior

Certain changes in your dog’s behavior may be a sign that he is not in good state of health. Sudden loss of appetite is a good sign. When your dog refuses to eat two straight meals, there is a problem. When a dog begins to bark excessively for a long time without good reasons, he may be going through serious pains.

When a dog decides to isolate himself for hours, you should observe the dog properly. If he continues for more than 24 hours, he must be going through certain health issues. Unfortunately, it is more obvious in a playful dog than a dog that keeps to himself. This is why you dogs should be trained to be lively always. So, it will be obvious whenever they are not in good mood.

When this happens multiple times in a day, there may be an underlying problem. In addition, a house-trained dog cannot just begin to urinate or defecate in the house if he is in good state of health. It is a sign of being indisposed.

Moving with difficulty

Limping is a sign of pain somewhere. In addition, difficulty in climbing the stairs, walking sluggishly, and refusal to run are all telltale signs of pains.

Always panting

Of course, it is normal for a dog or any other animal or even humans to pant after going through rigorous exercises. The problem is when your dog begins to pant regularly even when not he is not subjected to any intense exercise. It is usually a sign of stress probably caused by pain in certain parts of his body. It is necessary to see your vet when you notice this.


Some dogs are naturally aggressive but if a friendly dog begins to act or bark aggressively, he may be having a problem. When the aggression lingers for several hours, it is almost certain he is in pains. You need to examine his body for the painful spot but you should be careful as he may snap when you mistakenly touch the spot.

Sudden loss of appetite

Dogs are always full of energy because they eat a lot. Apart from their full meals, they also like to snack. However, pain or ill-health can take its toll on their appetite. When your dog refuses to eat, you should not take it lightly. Several serious health conditions have been linked to loss of appetite. So, when you notice that a dog hardly eats, you should take him to a doctor.

Unnecessary noise

Does your dog constantly make noise? Does he whimper, bark, or growl all the time for no visible reason? He may be suffering silently. Vocalization is a sign of pain. So, you need to pay close attention to him. You need to take him for checkup if he keeps making noise for hours.

About the Author:
Ricky Brown is an energetic content strategist and marketer at App Development Companies, the platform that helps you to find best IT Partner for your app, web and software requirements across the globe.

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