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10 Anticipated Eyewear Trends for 2022

eyewear trends

Despite the rise and fall of certain looks, some eyewear trends are possible to predict before they enter the mainstream. Whether used to protect eyes from the rays of the sun or to correct vision, eyewear stands on its own as a fashion accessory that many have incorporated into their personal sense of style. 

Two trends for the coming season that have come to the forefront are oversized frames and smaller than average frames, which represents a contradiction that the industry has embraced with the release of several new glasses that are inspired by both aesthetics. 

In 2022, there will be the return of many popular trends in eyewear as well as new looks that are sure to make a big splash everywhere. From slim and oversized glasses, cat-eye shapes to geometric options and more, these are glasses that come with their own distinct characteristics that help them stand out and have led to their increased popularity. 

The following are some of the most anticipated eyewear trends for 2022 that style aficionados may want to consider adding to their collection. 

  • Metallics

With options that range from the more traditional rectangle shape that is fully functional or those that veer just outside the norm, metallic frames are a trend that have been popular and expected to remain so through 2022. Their versatility allows wearers to don oversized versions or opt for something lightweight and easier to style with a range of apparel. There are styles made for every face type, from square to round and between. 

  • Eco-friendly 

With more emphasis than ever placed on the environment and carbon prints, it is unsurprising that eco-friendly glasses have become a huge trend in the last few years and will continue to be as more labels release versions that are ethical as well as sustainable. 

Currently trending are acetate sunglass frames that offer a better alternative to virgin plastic and are made from biodegradable plant sources. Not only are they stylish, but also worthy of your collection as they are fashion-forward and eye-catching. 

  • Bold Colors

In 2022, bold colors will dominate concrete jungles as they are viewed by many as the ultimate statement eyewear piece to match with apparel. Popular shapes are round or oval styles made in black, dark blue, purple, or dark brown hues.

  • Oversized

Whether you are protecting your eyes from the rays of the bright sun or just looking to make a clear, fashionable entrance, the oversized glasses trend is one of the biggest today. Many variations can be worn depending on the shape of your face. Find the right ones to match your eyes and hair, and you have the benefit of truly enhancing your look.

  • Clear or Transparent 

Although no one is certain why transparent eyeglasses are so popular, one reason to consider is that they offer a fresher approach to eyewear and are closely associated with a younger approach to fashion. Transparent glasses come in a variety of lighter-toned color palettes and go hand in hand with the minimalist look that is so popular in today’s styles. 

  • Thin Rim

Few eyeglasses are as subtly stylish as thin-rimmed versions. The iconic look comes available in various frames that can be combined with many outfits to conjure up an intelligent and equally fashionable look. Like other popular trends coming in 2022, thin-rimmed glasses are available in several shapes and sizes, as well as color palettes to suit tastes. 

  • Color-Shaded

Color-shaded glasses have been well-known as a huge trend in eyewear for years, and their re-emergence is in line with their perception as one of the more stylish approaches that are particularly in line with the warmer months. 

Perfect for pairing with summer outfits, they also do double duty by protecting your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays and offer a high-contrast visual experience that other types of eyewear cannot. 

Even younger people can get into them, with clearance kids prescription glasses also quite popular and a way for younger people to add some style to their own wardrobes. 

  • Warm Tones

Especially when accented with more golden undertones, warm-toned frames are a great way to present a deeper contrast in clothes or personal characteristics to make you really stand out. Set against the boldness of black, hues such as brown, gold, yellow, and tortoise are inviting and can add a bit of elegance to an overall look. 

  • Unique Shapes

Who doesn’t want to rock stylish eyeglasses that make an undeniable fashion statement? For people who want to stand out and truly create a singular look, unique eyeglasses are a way to separate themselves from others. 

They are fashion-forward and distinct, but unique glasses also have the same properties as more normal styles as they feature sun protection and vision correction. Once you decide on the right color, shape, and style, you can make quite an impression with uniquely shaped eyewear. In 2022, expect to see unique eyeglass frames that are variations of popular designs from previous eras. 

  • Sci-Fi

Sci-fi is often regarded as the place where we can realize all our wildest dreams. When it comes to eyewear, science fiction has definitely entered into the conversation, thanks to movies that have led to the inspiration of some of the most popular eyewear trends yet. From cyclops glasses to frames with metal extensions and beyond, sci-fi eyewear is an outer trend that many are adopting in 2022. 

The Changing Times

Eyewear trends are always bound to change every season, yet some staples will always be mainstays. For those looking for something new to add to their collection, the options mentioned above are great ways to create a definitive look. Choose the designs that best suit your personal style and taste, and your 2022 may be your most fashionable yet!

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