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Choosing the Right CBD Oil Meant for Your Health


By Karen Anthony

CBD oil is no doubt one amazing supplement. Right now, it is one amazing growing industry, which leads to some of the unscrupulous scam artists in the market. All they are trying to do is just ripping off the consumers in the best way possible. So, the main question is are there any signs which will determine if the oil is real one or fake?

Unfortunate enough, it is not that easy for the consumers to determine which of the CBD brands and products are trustworthy. With the growth in CBD oil popularity, new merchants and brands are popping up daily with promises to produce best ever premium quality supplement. However, the market has some of the regulations, which are designed to help monitor and even regulate some of these claims well. So, without wasting time, make sure to conduct some researches online to differentiate the high quality products from the lower counterparts with ease.

Manufacturing unit of the CDB oil:

Checking out the manufacturing unit is important as it matters how the CBD oil is generally made. Unfortunately, due to younger age of the CBD oil based industry, there are not many regulations which can control the said manufacturing procedure. It means that various CBD brands might have various extraction methods for processing CBD oil right from the hemp.

  • Some companies, mainly the ones selling CBD oil at low rates, are known to use cheaper methods while extracting the said oil. It needs toxic solvents, which are quite dangerous for health like hexane, propane, butane and pentane.
  • Two of these toxic solvents are mostly used in ranges and gas stoves like butane and propane. And all the gases are well found in hydrocarbon gases, as found in petroleum.
  • There are some other companies, which are widely using pharmaceutical and organic graded ethanol for processing CBD. The ethanol, which is also noted as grain alcohol, is primarily used for removing unneeded toxins and even residues from base hemp plant.
  • This extraction method is mainly used for yielding highest cannabinoids amount among various refinement procedures. It is also considered to be one safe method for extracting CBD, designed for human consumption.
  • Along with that, the CBD oil can be well extracted and manufactured through the current supercritical CO2 extraction. This procedure comprises of carbon dioxide under some high pressure in a proper and cold environment.
  • The supercritical extraction is in need of expensive equipment, with production expertise and complex refinement procedure. It can further ensure that the CBD oil helps in maintaining the purity of the extraction procedure.

Before you end up purchasing any of the CBD oil, you need to research for the production methods of the vendor. This information is easily found on the website of the manufacturers or by talking to customer service center. It is highly advisable to purchase CBD, which is processed through the supercritical CO2 extraction or ethanol.

The current source of CBD really matters:

Just like with any other manufactured item, one best way to ensure quality of the product is to check at its base point, which is checking the raw materials used for the creation. This note is primarily important in the CBD oil as the characteristics of hemp plant is important and known as hyper-accumulator. It means that the hemp plant has the power to absorb anything easily as present in ground. In case, the hemp plant is grown on rich soil, then the plant will be of premium quality. So, such plants can produce best ever CBD oil in same premium quality.

Ever since CBD became a hot topic a couple of years ago, the demand for this natural remedy has grown exponentially, as more and more people see the benefit of taking something natural for their health issues. Verma Farms is legit - it’s a great alternative to other options like harmful pain medication that often comes with negative side effects.

  • Being an easy absorbent, hemp plant has its share of drawbacks as well. In case, the hemp plant as used in CBD oil production was cultivated in soil with heavy metals like lead and mercury, then the end oil will also reflect composition of such heavy metals in it. Such oil becomes unsafe for the consumption of humans, mainly children who are quite vulnerable to the toxins.
  • Unfortunately, there are some manufacturers who actually prefer to use such low quality hemp for CBD oil production and those hemps are highly polluted with the heavy metals in them. The only think in about is to earn profit and they are not that interested about the consequences. This is one of the main reasons for people to add negative reputation to the oil.

So, it is suggested to check out more about the source of the CBD brand and its hemp plants. If you can, you can always try finding US grown hemp. Here, the USA farmers need to get certification from the state agricultural departments before growing hemp plants. You can get this information on retailer or the website of the manufacturer. You can even call their support centers to get more information.

Amount of THC as available in CBD oil:

THC is known to be one of the cannabinoids, as present in agricultural hemp and marijuana. This substance is highly responsible for providing that psychoactive effect on body. Users are likely to get high quite easily after using this compound. The reason to use hemp over marijuana is that while creating CBD oil, the components have lower or nil amount of THC over the CBD market, which makes it just perfect for the processing of CBD oil.

  • Even though the amount is quite low, but the original amount of the THC as in hemp might create some levels of psychoactive effects if processed in an incorrect manner.
  • Remember that CBD oil is primarily made using extracts of thousands of hemp plant. So, make sure to go for the plants with lower or no use of THC in them. That helps in addressing highest concentration of CBD oil at its best.

The market is associated with multiple brands and manufacturers selling CBD oil. You better check out these points, as mentioned above, to get hands on the right option. There is no need to waste money on fake oil at all.

Author Bio:
Anthony Karen is an expert of social media and also involved in online marketing. She keeps sharing valuable information about how to harvest the best benefits using the opportunities at social media platform.

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