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Wait, Amazon Banned CBD From Their Site, So Why Are They Still Selling It?

According to Amazon's drug policy, product listings including the term "cannabidiol (CBD), are prohibited. However, a quick search on amazon for "CBD" will immediately reveal thousands of carefully labeled "hemp-infused" items that are implied to have cannabidiol. Consumers should be warned to stay away from these illegitimate items, and choose to purchase verified CBD tinctures and drops from well-known businesses and brands.

Why Can't Amazon Find CBD Oils on Their Website?

So why is Amazon having a hard time keeping track of these banned items?

Amazon relies on AI tools to monitor its product listings, and right now, CBD is popular. So popular that every month, dozens of individuals are learning how to sell CBD oil on Amazon, regardless of the risk of being discovered. Unfortunately, Amazon's AI system is not able to keep up with the variety of product labels and keywords used to help buyers find potential CBD items.

The truth is that Amazon does find and ban a few of these products. Items listed with terms similar to "broad-spectrum hemp oil," etc. are cross-referenced with information from a third party company known as LegitScript. When these products are correctly ID'd as containing CBD, they are immediately taken down from the website.

The monitoring system in place simply can't keep up with the ingenious methods that sellers are using to appear for CBD keyword searches. Unfortunately, these shady practices often indicate that the CBD products in question may have inaccurate ingredient labeling.

The Truth About Amazon CBD Oil for Sale

The truth about the CBD found on Amazon is that it is inconsistent. Amazon bought 13 hemp products from their website and discovered that 11 of these items contained CBD. One even had detectable levels of THC, an intoxicating compound.

With this information, it's easy to see why you should shy away from Amazonian cannabidiol. A recent research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that the contents of many CBD items, not just the ones found on Amazon, did not line up with their product labeling. The results of this study showed that 1/5 of these products had enough THC to cause a false positive on a drug test, and 2/3 of them contained inaccurate amounts of CBD.

Further studies found that certain disreputable CBD products also contained foreign chemicals. These included 5F-ADB and dextromethorphan. Both of these compounds are synthetic. 5F-ADB is a cannabimimetic or a cannabinoid mimicking compound that comes with a dangerous toxicity profile and powerful intoxicating potential. Dextromethorphan (DXM) is a common ingredient in OTC cough syrups with recreational abuse potential. DXM is notorious for its harmful contraindications with other conventional medicines.

While not all of these CBD items were purchased through Amazon, the research still shows that customers must find and investigate products from reputable distributors. CBD is an all-natural organic compound that should be spreading the wonders of hemp, not discrediting this beautiful plant. Stay sharp, choose items that take a legitimate route to make sales, and honor your body with premium natural products.

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