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Here's Why You Should Always Bring
Your Kids to the Dentist

Bring Kids to the Dentist

Are you wondering when to bring your kid for their first dental visit? Does your kid have dental anxiety? Is dentistry even important for children?

These are all valid concerns when it comes to pediatric dentistry. In premise, a dental visit is paramount to the health and wellbeing of your child in the present, as well as the near future. Not to mention that in cases of emergencies, it is important to fix painful oral issues with the dentist IL.

In this article, we will cover some reasons why you want to bring your child to the dentist, alongside the pediatric dentistry benefits.

So keep reading to learn about your child's dental health.

The First Visit: Pediatric Dentistry Benefits

As a general recommendation, it is noted that a child should have their first dental visit scheduled when they reach the age of six months. In a similar fashion, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association recommend the development of a "dental home" by the age of 1.

The first visit is an important milestone in allowing your child to get comfortable around dentists, thus making them more willing to collaborate in preventative oral health care.

The first visit must be a non-event and quite exciting for your child. Traumatic experiences are common, thus it's important to avoid negative memories. These visits are important for the child, as well as the parent.


Furthermore, at about three years of age, a dentist must assess the bite of your child to conclude the potential malocclusion of their bite. If treatment is needed, this timeframe will cover the ages of 3 to 6.

At this young age, the dentist is concerned with the dental archers that are undeveloped, the harmful habit such as thumb sucking, and premature loss of teeth. In this stage of development, it's important that treatment is enacted, in order to decrease the issues of the future.

When the child is aged 6, the eruption of molars and permanent incisors is to begin. Full orthodontic treatment might be a good idea. At this age, the soft tissues and teeth are quite responsive to orthodontics.

When the child reaches adolescence, it's very important to inspect their teeth and the final development of the bite relationship. If all goes well, your child will grow into an adult who does not experience the inconveniences of malfunctioning oral health.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Children are prone to getting their permanent teeth knocked out. The problem is quite common, so don't dismiss it.

It's important to reinsert the teeth into the socket as soon as possible. The dentist will need to check if other teeth are damaged and affected, as well as ensure that good oral health supports the durability and integrity of the oral cavity.

Routine Review

Your child should start to receive routine reviews of their dental health at an early age, as it will allow close analysis of issues and their treatment.

Not to mention, you will learn how to develop hygiene routines, such as brushing and flossing techniques, which are important for the present and future health of your child's teeth.

Mouth Guards

If your child is very active, which most children are, it's important that you can protect their teeth from impact.

Not only does a mouth-guard protect the teeth, but it also defends the face and head from injury. Speak to your dentist and determine which mouthguard is best for not impeding their performance, as well as improving their safety. Wearing a night guard when sleeping is equally important for protecting teeth.

Primary Teeth Care

The health of your child's primary teeth are very important. These will get replaced eventually, but until that happens, you have to ensure that they are taken care for.

Taking the kid to the dentist will ensure that they are in good shape and ready to be replaced by the permanent markers of good oral health. Learn how they do it at Kids Stop Dental.

How to Help the Child Overcome Dental Fear?

And that's about it for the pediatric dentistry benefits and reasons for visiting.

First, tell your child about the dental visit. Children like predictability and they need time to adjust. Not telling them until the end can worsen their fear.

They will need as much time as possible to prepare for the visit. During this time, you can help them with this phobia. Hear their expression of fear as the appointment draws near.

If they have questions, answer them to the point. Limit the details, and remind them that they can ask questions at the dental office as well.

Communication is key. Speak to them about the importance of dental health. Explain that the dentist is friendly, helps take care of them, and will not harm them

Inform the dentist of the child's fear, so that they can prepare. Ask them for advice and follow instructions.

Dental specialists are trained in these situations, so it's best to ask them to help ease the procedure for your child. Have your kid's favorite toys, read, let them play around. However, be sure to ask about permission, because some toys are not allowed during the procedure.

Always stay calm. Try to keep your child calm as well. Remind yourself to speak gently and collected to your child. Be soothing.

Kids Dental Done Right

Now that you know about pediatric dentistry benefits, you are well on your way to ensure that your child has a non-traumatic experience with a dentist. As long as you accommodate their needs and ensure that no harm is done, your child will love going to the dentist.

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