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What You Should Know About All on 4 Fixed Bridge

Fixed Bridge

Wearing traditional dentures has been the standard solution for people who are missing all of their teeth. However, there can be some issues with them, such as the frequent lack of stability.

Fortunately, the development of dental implants has drastically improved prosthetic treatments.

Nowadays, dentists can fix a denture or bridge over implants to solve most issues. Although there are many types of fixed bridges, "All on 4" has become one of the most popular alternatives.

Restoring missing teeth is a serious and important matter. At, we focus on delivering a high-quality treatment so that you walk out of the office with a long-lasting brand new set of teeth.

We will talk in this article about All on 4 and explain how they differentiate from dentures and other fixed bridges.

What is All on 4?

All on 4 is a technique where a prosthetic fixed bridge is screwed to 4 dental implants.

However, unlike other fixed bridges, the two implants at the back of an All on 4 are not placed completely vertical but angled. This allows the dentist to safely fix the prosthesis when bone conditions are not ideal.

After losing multiple teeth, the jaw bone begins to weaken and shrink in a process called resorption. This often makes it harder to place an implant, as the bone will not be able to withstand it. To solve this issue, the dentist might need to make a bone graft to enhance the bone condition.

However, it is possible to bypass this bone defect issue by placing the posterior implants at a 45-degree angle. Therefore, a bone graft is not needed.

It is essential to understand that All on 4 is a technique patented by its manufacturer Nobel Biocare. Therefore, fixing a bridge to 4 vertical implants can't be considered All on 4.

Why fix a bridge to implants?

One of the main problems with traditional dentures is that they rely on suction to remain in place. The denture is designed to match the shape of the bone and gums. Therefore, a vacuum seal effect is produced when the denture is placed.

However, the shape of the gums can change. This compromises the suction effect and causes the denture to get loose. A loose denture is not only uncomfortable, but it can also harm your gums.

When the denture is fixed to the implants, suction is not necessary to keep it in place. Furthermore, having it fixed makes it more stable, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

Unlike regular dentures, All on 4 can't be freely removed. Only the dentist can do it.

Teeth in a day

Placing the implants without needing a bone graft is not the only benefit of an All on 4.

Another popular benefit is that it allows the dentist to fix a bridge to the implants right after the surgery.

Usually, you would have to wear a traditional denture while waiting for the implants to heal. This comes along with their common issues, such as not being completely stable. However, it is possible to fix a bridge to All on 4 implants immediately after placing them.

This prosthesis is only temporary and will be replaced with a definite version once the bone and implants have healed. Nonetheless, it is still completely functional and offers the same benefits any fixed bridge has.

While wearing the temporary prosthesis, it is vital to maintain proper oral hygiene and have a soft diet. Although it is functional, special care is necessary to prevent any issues with the healing process that could lead to treatment failure.

All on 4 hygiene

All on 4 fixed bridges are permanently screwed to the implant and can only be removed by a dentist if necessary. Therefore, oral hygiene is slightly different than with a traditional denture.

At Northstar Dental Care, we recommend following these recommendations to clean your prosthesis and achieve good oral health:

Brush twice a day
Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to brush both your prosthesis and gums. While the prosthesis can't develop cavities, plaque can form on its surface and harm your gums and implant.

Floss daily
Food and bacteria can get trapped between your gums and the prosthesis. By using a special floss, it is possible to clean under the fixed bridge and around the implant.

A mouthwash can help you control the bacteria population and protect the implants from damage.

The takeaway

All on 4 fixed bridges are a great alternative to traditional dentures. It gives extra stability and feels more natural on the mouth. If you want to restore your lost smile, then All on 4 is all you need.

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