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Alessandro Lardi Explains the Benefits of Tricopigmentation

Hair loss is a condition that is neither uncommon nor shameful. Even though baldness -- as hair loss is sometimes also called -- has long been understood to be a condition that many men must grapple with, it is something women experience as well. Its widespread pervasiveness has led to a wealth of time, money and effort being spent on treatments designed to both target the underlying cause, if medical in nature, and address its often embarrassing and frustrating side effects.

Tricopigmentation: A Modern-Day Treatment for the Age-Old Condition of Hair Loss

As Alessandro Lardi notes on his site, tricopigmentation is a form of micropigmentation. Lardi is well versed in the method as knowledge of it runs deep within his family. His sister, Milena Lardi, developed the technique as a variation of micropigmentation.

Tricopigmentation is similar to micropigmentation with the exception of one crucial difference. While micropigmentation is a permanent process, tricopigmentation is not. As such, tricopigmentation offers numerous benefits that anyone with hair loss can enjoy.

Benefits of Tricopigmentation

An aesthetic procedure that is equally well suited for both men and women who experience hair loss, tricopigmentation provides a popular solution that includes the following benefits:

1. Non-surgical

Unlike some other treatments, tricopigmentation does not involve surgery. This means there is no concern about possible reactions to anesthesia that might otherwise hold someone back from addressing their baldness.

2. Customizable

Tricopigmentation is a fully-customizable option that can be used for a range of hair loss situations. From thinning hair in a particular area to bald spots -- and everything in between -- tricopigmentation is able to encompass the issue. It provides the person with a solution that is custom-made for their exact situation inside of having to rely on a one-size-fits-all option.

3. Safe and Transparent Process

Tricopigmentation is a process that is as safe as it is effective. According to Alessandro Lardi, a trained technician uses specialized equipment such as a manual device or a tattoo machine and pigments that are carefully chosen to match the hair's natural color.

4. Long Lasting with Minimal Maintenance

While everyone who gets tricopigmentation is different, most people can expect the procedure to last between one and three years. Typically, the patient experiences a gradual fading of the color that requires a period touch-up in order to maintain the desired look.

5. Less Pain

Hair transplants, as a treatment for hair loss, often have a degree of pain associated with them. Tricopigmentation, however, involves only the dermis and its superficial layer which significantly reduces the pain element. Additionally, a patient experiences no recovery time after undergoing tricopigmentation.

6. Instantaneous Results

In Alessandro Lardi's experience, the benefit that is most pleasing to patients is the immediacy of the results seen after tricopigmentation. A patient is able to notice a significant difference between the way they looked when they arrived to get the procedure to when it was completed.

Tricopigmentation is an exciting, cutting-edge and long-lasting technique that provides both men and women with natural results. Rather than attempting to hide behind a scarf, hat or a comb-over, patients are able to experience renewed confidence.

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