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Alcohol: 8 Important Things
That You Are Not Aware Of

Many people know a thing or two about alcohol because of all the advertisements they hear on the radio or watch on TV. Others are more conversant with alcohol because they consume and indulge in alcohol once in a while. Whether you know too much about alcohol or not, there are a few interesting facts that will surprise you. This article captures eight vital things you may not even know about alcohol.

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Effects Alcohol

Your Hangover Worsens with Congeners

Many people are not even aware of congeners in their alcoholic drinks. Many people enjoy their drink in peace without worrying about the ingredients in it. The assumption in many cases is that the manufacturer took care of all the little details, and there is no need to worry. However, it helps to know that congeners are the reason why you may need to nurse a hangover every time you take your favorite alcoholic beverage. These refer to chemicals that are naturally occurring and often form during fermentation and distillation of the alcohol.

The reality is that these congeners are a lot more in darker alcohols such as your red wines and brandy. Fortunately, a simple alcohol breath test can reveal the number of congeners in your drink. It helps to know what you are getting inside your mouth to make an informed decision right from the start.

Regulating the amounts of dark alcohol you consume, may be the easiest way to regulate the hangover affects you feel after consuming alcohol. But how do they affect the level of hangover one suffers? Well, congeners irritate the brain tissue and blood vessels, thus causing the said effect.

That Asthma Attack or Allergy May be Triggered by the Alcohol you Enjoy

Effects Alcohol

Many people seek to solve the allergy or asthma attack that they could be suffering, especially if it happens many times. What they do not acknowledge is that the irritation could be caused by the alcohol they love. Alcoholic drinks contain sulfites naturally occurring in the alcohol ingredients or added as a color retainer or preservative.

Either way, sulfites have adverse effects and could trigger allergic reactions ranging from hay-fever feelings to anaphylactic reactions. If you know that you have an allergy-related to sulfites, you want to be cautious about what you consume. Alcohol is not part of it. Cider and wine should be drinks you avoid since they tend to have an increased concentration of sulfites from the fruits and natural ingredients used to make them. One of the easiest ways to know that you have a sulfite allergy is when you feel sneezy, stuffed, itchy, and wheezy, especially if these symptoms come up after drinking your favorite alcohol.

Surprising but Alcohol Impairs Sleep Quality

Effects Alcohol

While it is true that alcohol may help you escape from your realities for some time, it could be causing more damage than you know about. In most cases, the nightmares you suffer after every drink is triggered by the alcohol. This happens since the alcohol interferes with your sleep quality and disrupts the sleep cycle, interfering with the REM stage of sleep. This is the stage where one has vivid dreams or nightmares. Alcohol tends to push people towards the nightmare kind of REM stage more.

Alcohol Increases your Chance of Getting Certain Cancers

Not much is said about alcohol, but it is one of the reasons why certain cancers are on the rise. Sometimes, drinking too much could contribute to esophagus, throat, mouth, and larynx cancers. This may not be information that many people are previewing. While many people may know that overconsumption of alcoholic beverages triggers cancers in the liver, bowel, and breast, it is not common in other areas.

No cancer is better than the other hence the need to avoid anything that could increase the chances of getting it. While it is true that alcohol/ethanol is not carcinogenic, the body turns it so. When consumed, alcohol becomes a harmful substance after metabolizing it. The ethanol transforms into acetaldehyde, one of the highest-rated carcinogens.

Reality Check - Alcohol Does not Digest

Effects Alcohol

This should surprise most people who think that anything they put in their mouth must be digested. However, alcohol is directly absorbed into your bloodstream, so it can easily be found after a certain period of consumption when blood samples are taken. How fast the alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream depends on several things, the first being one's weight and whether one ate before consuming the drink or not. For this reason, ensure to eat a meal before indulging every time.

Alcohol Hampers Memory Creation Ability

This means that alcohol interferes with your ability to make memories. You are likely to struggle with memory after a night of consuming alcohol. It is the only reason alcoholics never remember what they did the previous night or day after consuming too much alcohol. Contrary to what many people think, alcohol will not make your brain forget.

However, it impedes its ability to make memories, especially those in the short-long term period. It means you can remember what you did as you drink, but it may be a far-off memory when you wake up the next day since these memories did not move to the long-term.

Alcohol May Affect the Stomach

If you have ever struggled with gastritis, which causes diarrhea a few hours after consuming alcohol, then this is it. Alcohol causes the stomach to overproduce acid, which then leads to inflammation.

Alcohol Makes You Cold

As a vasodilator, alcohol opens up your blood vessels which include small capillaries under the skin. It means that more blood is coming to the surface. While you may feel warm when drinking, it brings down your body's core temperature. This means that you get a cold even though you do not think it.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the effects of alcohol in your body is the best way to make informed decisions. After all, all choices have consequences. Alcohol is excellent but should be taken in moderation to enjoy full benefits.

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