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Alcohol Addiction: Side Effects
& How Can You Help Your Spouse?

When someone you love, especially your spouse, suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, tears you apart. Because you are no longer able to communicate with them, talk about your problems and ask for their opinion. 

In marriages, it's even worse. Because there are so many feelings involved and even smaller things can hurt you a lot. Living with an alcoholic husband can be traumatic. It can affect you by the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep at night.

How do you feel being the partner of an alcoholic?

Alcohol addiction can change the behaviour and put your family at financial and legal risks. Moreover, his/her physical and mental health can be affected negatively. 

  • If your partner has a problem with alcohol, you may try to cover up the problem and be in denial about it because everyone believes the best of those they love.
  • You may also help to control the problem by forcing your spouse to stay at home and drink less. But this in house treatment cannot be successful but dangerous.
  • You may blame yourself some time for his/her drinking habit. For example, you may think that he/she fell prey to alcohol when you guys started fighting a lot, or you are very demanding.
  • Your partner can be very secretive and dishonest. You may experience verbal or physical abuse too. 

Keep on reading to learn how to deal with an alcoholic husband?

How can you deal with your alcoholic spouse?

To treat alcoholism has never been easier, but it is not impossible. Here are some steps that you can take as a spouse to help your husband/wife get rid of alcoholism.

Seek professional help

The very first step is to seek the assistance of a professional and admit your spouse in an alcohol rehab centre. Encourage him/her to take an interest in the recovery and tell them how good this treatment can be and how it will change their life.

You may take your partner to a therapist, social worker or a spiritual or religious leader for emotional support and motivation.

Here is a highly recommended addiction rehab resource.

Have an honest discussion

Try to communicate with your partner as much as possible. Tell them how their alcohol addiction is affecting your relationship but be wise with your words.

Try to be more understanding and be gentle. Remember that the alcoholic person usually has short-temper, so do not become angry or accusing at all. Instead, state your point of view and let the other person speak freely.

Focus on your relationship

According to a study held in 2013, it was found that about 50% of the marriages that involve an alcoholic spouse end up with divorce. So try to identify if your partner is addicted to alcohol as soon as possible. Try your best to talk, have a discussion and come up with a solution.

Take good care of yourself

Also, take good care of yourself, invest in your relationship and involve other family members in it. Try to visit family gatherings and different occasions with your partner so that they can divert their attention and spend some time in a healthy environment.

Bottom line:

Be empathetic whenever you approach your partner. Do not exaggerate the things instantly, be honest about your concern and offer them your help & support.

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