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In Which Age Can We Put Braces on Our Teeth?


It is becoming more and more frequent to see family, friends and, in general, adults with dental braces to improve their smile. But, up to what age is it advisable to carry out this treatment? Can we correct the same problems as a child and as an adult? In this article we are going to clarify those doubts what affect raises before and after braces.

What are "Braces"?

What is commonly called the placement of braces is a dental treatment of the specialty of orthodontics that consists of placing appliances to improve oral health and aesthetics. Dental crowding, malocclusions, and space closures are usually corrected. This appliance can be fixed or removable depending on the patient and the case to be treated. If you want to get braces, be sure to get them at Adriatic Dental & Orthodontics in vista for the best services.

What Orthodontic Treatments are there?

As indicated at the beginning, there are removable and fixed appliances. Fixed orthodontics is the best known and the one worn by most patients. It consists of the placement of brackets and other equipment that can be metallic or made of more aesthetic materials and that the patient cannot remove. With this type of orthodontics, more complex cases can be corrected.

Removable orthodontics are normally placed in children and in certain cases in early adolescence, usually in patients who are growing. But in recent years a type of removable orthodontics has been developed that can be used on adult patients known as invisible orthodontics. These are splints that the patient puts on daily and with which mild or moderate orthodontic problems are treated.

Up to what Age can Braces be Placed?

According to the orthodontistfrom PacificWest Dental Group, a graduate in Dentistry, it can be performed at any age, in children, adolescents and young or older adults. What limits they recommendation is the oral health of the patient and the complexity of the case to solve her dental pathology.

Having oral health refers to not having dental and gingival problems or, if they exist, treating them previously. General health pathologies such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Nor are they a contraindication for this type of treatment as long as they are controlled by your GP. On the other hand, not everyone can solve a dental problem with orthodontics. As indicated by Dr. Wang, it is best for your dentist to recommend the most appropriate type of orthodontic treatment for the patient.

However, as explained by the specialists from PacificWest Dental Group, “research confirms that the tissue reaction to orthodontic forces will be slower if the patient has more than six decades of life, due to a decreased cellular activity and that the tissues are mainly collagens. But with delicate patient care, broad skills and knowledge, as well as a multidisciplinary team, it is possible to care for a patient over 60 years of age and restore a beautiful smile in their old age”.

Types of "Brackets"

If a person finally decides to put on braces that not only help them have a more beautiful smile, but also improve their bite and, thus, their oral (and general) health, they have different options in terms of materials and prices in the market.

As we can read in the blog of the PacificWest, experts in the field, there are different options of braces. And it is usually the user, with the help of the dentist, who chooses the option according to their needs and tastes. The main ones for older people are the following:

  • Metal Braces: They are the most common and the ones that come to mind when we hear the word braces. Their main advantages are that they provide great durability, and that the adhesion capacity is remarkable. In addition, they tend to be cheaper than other less "flashy" options. And that is precisely their point against: aesthetically they are less attractive.
  • Sapphire Brackets: With a good durability, these “invisible” models are more attractive for many patients, since they are less aesthetically appreciated than the previous ones, “On the contrary, their price is clearly higher than other alternatives, it is a great disadvantage since they are not it is suitable for all budgets”.
  • Ceramic Brackets: They stand out for their effectiveness and durability, while being more attractive when it comes to aesthetics. They have a lower price than the previous ones, but they continue to surpass metallic ones in this section. "These aspects make them an increasingly used option," they point out from the aforementioned blog.

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