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AF Archery vs Martin Savannah Stealth

AF Archery vs Martin Savannah Stealth


There are some brands that are more revered than others. These are the ones that have provided fans with consistency and accuracy since the beginning. All their products are reliable and last for a longer time. We looked at brand repute when we were picking the best bows for hunting in the market. But that was certainly not the only thing that influenced our decision.

When it comes to the best bows for hunting, one has to look at things like construction, durability, and most importantly, ease of usage. We looked at different models in the market and came across some amazing ones. We then filtered these out so that we were left with only two choices in the end.

Both AF Archery longbow and the Martin Savanna Stealth bow offer similar features. However, some of their features are also different and hence make them appealing to different hunters. So if you are serious about the sport and are looking to invest in a new bow, then we suggest you keep reading ahead. 

AF Archery Longbow

AF Archery vs Martin Savannah Stealth

This is a traditional-looking longbow that is loved by hunters all over the world. Its handmade design not only adds to durability but also makes this a very reliable model. For starters, it comes with a reflex/deflex design that adds to the strength of the model. Not just that, but the riser is also laminated and the limbs are reinforced to give extra power to the whole design. 

Moreover, the longbow is around 62 inches long which makes it one of the most stable units in the market. This feature also ensures that your hand doesn't flinch or shake during the draw. Not only that, but you also get to practice shooting for longer durations with the help of this super bow. Another thing that will amaze you is that the AF archery bow is well suited to the needs of both beginners and skilled archers. 

The list of amazing features goes on. The bow provides excellent diversity in terms of draw weights. You get to enjoy draw weights of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 pounds. This makes it one of the only bows in the market that can accommodate young, old, and women shooters around the globe. 

Moreover, the extra-durable reflex-deflex design also makes the model appear vibration–free during shooting. You are also more likely to hold your finish when using this extra smooth bow. One of the major drawbacks of this bow, however, is that the string may appear rigid sometimes and hence may need replacing. Moreover, the model only suits right-handed users.

But all in all, if you are looking for a reliable model that is durable and can add stability to any shot, then this is the best model for you. 


  • Has a very vintage appeal to it
  • Hand-shock free design
  • Is very affordable
  • Allows powerful and fast performance
  • Suitable for differently skilled users


  • It only suits right-hand users

Martin Savannah Stealth

AF Archery vs Martin Savannah Stealth

This is a very smooth-looking bow that has garnered praise from all fractions of society. It is also one of the bestselling premier bows in the market that have received an A-plus rating since the beginning. It's a true masterpiece. But much of this praise comes from hunters who have long wanted to invest in a strong, yet stylish bow. 

For any bow to stand out, it has to offer amazing woodwork. Martin Savannah has exceeded expectations and has managed to become one of the best crossbows for hunting; all thanks to the exquisite woodwork that goes into its making. Different kinds of wood, like maple wood, are used for its construction. 

The limbs are also exceptionally good and consist of two cores. These are laminated and strengthened with fiberglass. Moreover, they are further topped with clear glass and allows for unmatched strength. On top of all of this, the model is around 64 inches long and allows for great stability during both hunting and target shooting. 

This high-end bow is also revered because of its extra-smooth reflex/deflex design. This unique design manages to store a lot of energy inside during draw. Once that is achieved, the model is able to provide excellent speed every time you shoot in the air. Another thing that adds to the efficiency of the design is the hand shock-free movement. This prevents any flinching and ensures you get to practice precision; even at night. 

As for draw weights, the minimum weight that you can draw is around 40 pounds. You can also go as higher as 65 pounds or choose a value in between these two extremes. The model may intimidate beginner-level shooters; however, it is great for anyone who has had some practice in the field. But before you jump on to higher draw weights with this bow, make sure you get adjusted to using slightly lower poundage first. 


  • Uses top quality wood
  • Allows for fast and stable performance
  • Prevents any hand shock
  • Provides accuracy and precision


  • Is relatively expensive


Now that you have read about all the unique features that these two best bows for hunting provide, you need to know to choose a winner. This may be difficult because both these models allow for impeccable performance on the field. With Archery AF, you can achieve greater durability and more diversity in draw weights. You will also get to use it if you are a beginner. 

However, if you have some skill and have a relatively higher budget, then you should go for Savannah longbow. This is because it is not only one of the best bows for hunting, but it also guarantees good results during target shooting.

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