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Impact of Advanced Nursing Practice in Healthcare

Advanced Nursing Practice

Nursing is a very noble profession, but it is much shrouded in the shadow of doctors. Patients visiting a hospital show their gratitude dearly to the doctors but often neglect the nurses. Since doctors play a more significant role, they steal all the limelight from nurses. Because of that, people ignore the dedicated healthcare services that they enjoy, all thanks to nurses.

It is the general mindset that nurses only carry out a doctor's order in their absence, but that isn't true. In reality, nurses play a more vital in improving the health of any patient. They monitor diet, review health status, and report changes in conditions to doctors. Besides that, they also ensure that the patient is at ease when in a medical facility. A relaxed environment allows people to share their problems more discretely regardless of its nature. It enables efficient treatment and assures patient satisfaction when they leave. And this is possible thanks to the diligence of nurses looking after them.

However, the lack of motivation and acknowledgment in this work area is disheartening. Even most doctors agree that the conduct of a nurse makes a significant on patients' health and attitude. But like the efforts of a nurse, that comment is hard to notice.

Fortunately for nurses, and the growing need for medical care and treatments has introduced new prospects for nurses. The changing lifestyles have made people more susceptible to diseases and specific health conditions. As a result, hospitals experience a higher flux of patients looking for healthcare services. This necessity gave birth to advanced practice nursing, which allows nurses to overlook and execute the duties of a doctor. The range of tasks can vary and might even demand them to take a more active approach to ensure the patient's well-being.

Although this growth is an option, it still requires tremendous effort and a strong will to achieve it. Since medicine is a field that demands strong merits, you can't advance unless you get certified for the job. The only way of doing it is by pursuing further studies while fulfilling the duties of a nurse. It is easy to find BSN to DNP programs online, which can help you accomplish great heights. These courses offer entirely new skill sets and promote growth in existing capacity.

Most individuals working as a nurse consider this as a prospect for their development in their career. That inclines them to sign up for these and get certified to fit the shoes of an advanced practicing nurse. If you struggle to differentiate between the two, here are some highlights of the impact of APRNs' work and contribution to the field of medicine. It might help you get a better idea, and maybe see the profession of nursing in an entirely new light.

  1. Advanced Patient Care
    What's most important in the field of medicine is the standard of patient care that a medical facility offers. It is often because of the lack of staff or having insufficiently trained staff to execute tasks. The addition of advanced practice nursing in this situation can help improve these standards. Since they are more competent and trained, they can guide the rest of the staff with healthy and positive healthcare practices. Also, they can serve as an extra pair of hands besides the doctors managing that case. It may sound insignificant, but it can help enhance a patient's experience with several folds.
  2. Focused Research and Analysis
    Advanced practicing nurses can choose to specialize in specific areas of medicine. And they are often adequately trained to research and analyze data and draw validated conclusions. It is vital for their profession, as newer health threats are not hard to encounter. By conducting this research, they can come up with new solutions to possible health problems and can hope to optimize the existing treatments and procedures.

    Besides that, using their research and studies, people can publish their work related to health trends around the world. It helps spread awareness and cultivates healthier habits amongst people, and that's what makes their role so important.

  3. Easy Access to Quality Healthcare
    The need for medical professionals and healthcare specialists is dire at this point. However, there aren't enough professionals to meet these demands and provide their services. This disparity deprives many people of receiving any health care facilities. Thus, stressing the need for more professionally trained staff to get the job done.

    As it turns out, advanced practice nursing is just the solution to this problem. These nurses are qualified, competent, and can decide what's best for a patient. Their presence enables more people to gain easy access to quality healthcare services, which makes a tremendous impact on the field of medicine.

  4. Job Stability
    It may not be a very remarkable impact, but it's still relevant to nurses working in this profession. The enthusiastic contribution and taking leading roles in healthcare have fortified the position of advanced practice nursing. It means that employers have to acknowledge their efforts and can't let fire them on a whim. That adds a degree of stability to this job and make everyone feel more secure about their source of income.
  5. Prospective Growth
    Besides the more prominent highlights, advanced practice nursing has also allowed people to witness the scope of growth in their profession. It inspires them to grow and become indispensable to a medical facility like others higher up in the hierarchy. By considering these prospects, they become at their jobs and can explore other possibilities while at it. Besides, it widens the opportunities for them, leading them to better development.


These were some significant impacts that healthcare experience due to advanced practice nursing. Looking from a professional's standpoint, it is crucial to medicine as well as the people, since it improves standards. Although it may demand some extra effort to achieve, but judging from the perks, it is worth it.

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