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How to Create Awesome
Personal Development Habits

By Lauren Adley

Everyone dreams of being successful one day; to be healthy, wealthy and have meaningful relationships. But how many really make their dreams a reality? Only a handful compared to the vast majority.

What is the separating factor between these two groups? It all comes down to choices. Choices are the determining factors of success or failure. We are faced with hundreds of choices to make every day.

So, which choices determine your success or failure in life? You might be thinking about the big choices you make in life such as who you marry, the school you go to or your career to name a few. But it’s not the big choices although they can slightly influence your success or failure.

You have never been bitten by an elephant or a lion but you’ve probably been bitten by a mosquito. Nature leaves clues. It’s always the small things that bite or hurt the most. As the popular saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Small choices determine your success or failure in life. Choices such as eating junk food or vegetable salad at work, working out after work or rushing home to watch TV, calling a few more prospects or calling it a day. Small choices add up to big results.

When we make a series of choices repeatedly, we develop a habit. In the beginning habits, are like cobwebs. They can easily be altered or eliminated. But as time progresses, they become chains that entangle us on another level.

Successful people have developed good habits that make them achieve their goals without struggling a lot. Unsuccessful people have developed poor habits that prevent them from achieving their goals.

If you have plans to improve, you need to eliminate the negative habits that are limiting your progress and nurture good habits that will help you achieve your goals. At first, you’ll find it difficult eliminating the bad habits because they’re so deeply rooted in you.

But if you are patient and persist long enough, nothing will stop you. Everyone who is successful was once unsuccessful. If other people can do it, so can you.

In this article, we will show you how you can create awesome personal development habits and some of the habits that can greatly accelerate your rate of success.

1. Identify your bad habits and replace them

What are the habits that are preventing you from achieving your goals? It’s important to list them down on a piece of paper for the sake of your clarity. Most of these habits are usually short term gain for long term pain. For example, watching TV too much, spending a lot of time on social media, cigarette smoking or eating junk food to name a few.

After identifying the bad habit, you can now replace it with a new one. For example, if you spend a lot of time on social media, you can think of something fun and exciting to do during that period such taking photos, playing with your dog and reading a good book to name a few.

2. Eliminate bad habits now

As Morphius said, there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. You know the bad habits that you need to eliminate. What are you waiting for? Start right now! Don’t wait until next week or tomorrow to start your custom dissertation. Procrastination has never made any man successful.

Start eliminating the bad habits, but be patient with yourself. There is a difference between procrastination and patience. Patience involves trying to solve the problem actively. Procrastination involves ignoring the problem deliberately. And it has huge consequences.

It’s better to make very small positive steps than to fall behind every passing day. Therefore, be patient with yourself. Take things slowly but ensure you’re making progress. Deal with the bad habits now to avoid paying a higher price in the future.

3. Keep on keeping on

Progress is slow. But that doesn’t mean there is no progress at all. You might fall into the trap of thinking that nothing’s changing and you can end giving it all up. And that’s a mistake because you’ll take a longer time to achieve your goals.

When you start making positive changes on a daily basis, you not only progress but you also gain momentum. Consistency increases momentum. And momentum greatly reduces the time and energy you’d spend to achieve your goal.

Therefore, don’t give up. You can’t break a bad habit by giving yourself a break to indulge in that habit. Resolve that when you start making positive changes, you won’t fall back again. Picture the person you want to be and the things you want to have and always keep that image on your mind on your journey.

There are several habits that successful people have that make their lives more productive, fulfilling and balanced. Let’s discuss them.

4. Waking up early

The key to becoming more productive and successful is waking up early. Every successful person gets up early. As the popular saying goes, early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Your body and mind perform at their best very early in the morning. And when you perform your most important tasks effectively, your performance improves and you get paid according to the quality of service you render.

The key to waking up early every day is setting your alarm clock ten minutes earlier each passing day. After a while, you’ll find yourself getting up a couple of hours early. So, what do you do after waking up early? You can write down the things you are grateful for, read a good book, meditate or exercise to name a few.

5. Exercise

According to essay geeks, exercise has immense benefits to your mind and body. It’s not just a part of your self-improvement plan but it is an essential part of life. Anyone who does not have time to exercise must pay for it in the future.

Exercise relieves stress and anxiety. And keeps you in good shape. Your image plays an important role in how you relate with others and most importantly, how you relate with yourself. Self-esteem is an important aspect of success in life.

There is always enough time for you to exercise. You can work out at the gym or jog outside for a couple of minutes.

6. Eating healthy

Your diet has a great impact on your life than you think. Being aware of what you’re putting in your mouth is the determining factor of your success or failure in life.

As we said earlier, it’s the small choices that determine your success or failure. Avoid eating foods that will give you pleasure in the short-term and pain in the long-term. Eat foods that taste good, boost your energy levels and have nutritional value.

You can easily determine whether the food you’ve eaten is good for your body or not. How do you feel after eating that food? Do you feel happy and energized? Or sluggish and sleepy?

Your energy levels will determine your productivity, performance and your level of success.

7. Meditate

Socializing is just as important as spending time alone. You need to spend some time alone to understand your thoughts and emotions. You cannot understand other people if you do not understand yourself.

Meditation has transformed a lot of people’s lives. It makes the mind and body calm. It relieves stress and anxiety and most importantly, it promotes well-being. Successful people are usually calm and collected people during great and turbulent times. And this is because they meditate. As Epictetus said, circumstances do not make a man. They merely reveal him to himself.

8. Get enough sleep

Rest and recovery are as important as working. When you discover your goals in life, you are likely to work harder and stay later to achieve your results. However, you need to rest to properly to be productive and achieve your goals.

An adult needs a good eight hours of sleep every night to increase his or her productivity. Now, there are successful people who sleep for three to four hours only and this is an extremely bad habit. And they will have to pay for its future.

Before you sleep, switch off your TV and put your phone or laptop away. Avoid using these devices in bed as they’ll disrupt your sleeping pattern. Also, sleep in a noise-free environment to get the most out of your sleep.


As Brian Tracy said, bad habits are easy to form and difficult to live with and good habits are difficult to form and easy to live with. Recognize and eliminate your bad habits and replace them with good habits.

And most importantly, keep on keeping on. Draw a line on the sand and resolve never to look back. Implement the habits discussed above and you won’t help to be successful.

Lauren AdleyLauren Adley is a professional essay writer and editor at Custom Essay Service. She is dedicated to her family, work and friends. She is keen on reading, playing the guitar and traveling. She is interested in educational, marketing and blogging issues.

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