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Add Spark and Shine in Your Life With Tom Ford Lip Spark

When it comes to adorning your lips with the latest lipsticks and shades, most may fall into the gloss girl category using items like Gucci lip balm. But when it comes to going out in the evening for a special date or celebration, you need to add spark to your lips, enhancing the beauty of your outlook. Tom Ford Lip Spark is the perfect paillette-packed lipstick with explosive colors that will surely garner your looks.


Smooth, Metallic, Limited Edition

The lipstick comes in 2 explosive colors, each with an ultra-gliding metallic sequin outlook that can easily be added to your lips as if you have loose glitter. Whether you go for red or pink, both colors are scintillating, but they should be swappable according to what you wear. 

Most users are surprised with their application outlok, and that's why they come back for more. This is an important product to add to your collection, whether you buy it off the shelf or get it from a wholesale makeup supplier. 

What We Like About Tom For Lip Spark?

While most glittery lipsticks can leave irritation on your skin, this item will feel emollient and relatively soft no matter how many times you apply. The added fun is enhanced with glitters, giving you the top-notch texture and pigmentation on your lips. 

The case itself is very luxurious and can look sophisticated and elegant on your vanity. When it comes to performance, it can last the whole night, but if we are reasonable, four hours is a good time. The spark and glitter don't fade, while the lipstick won't dry out your lips. 

How to Apply?

If you are going out with friends, a single sheer layer would be enough. However, if you want it more pronounced, you can build up to full coverage. Keep in mind, though, that the more coverage you give, the shinier the glitter will be. 

If you want to add a different shade to your lips and want a top layer, you can also do that. The same can be done by applying a light balm layer and, on top, using the Lip Spark.

The lipstick is also a great combination with matte lipsticks if you have quite a few with you. You can mix and match it with different similarly shaded matte profiles. 

Where Can You Buy Tom Ford Lip Spark?

You can buy it from many different retailers. However, you should choose the best wholesale makeup supplier, Word Makeup, to get the best shades and rates. The lipstick costs only $26 if you buy it from there and can be easily delivered to you in 7-20 working days. It is only 3g and 0.1 oz.

Book an order today and enjoy the glitter all night every time you apply!

Final Words

Now that you know it can present different foundational combinations, this lipstick is worth a buy. It can be combined with many balm and lip texture shades and added with fun glitter.

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