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5 Must-Try Activities for Better Health
While Social Distancing

Activities while Social Distancing

Despite the ongoing pandemic, social distancing measures shouldn’t restrict healthy movement and activity to areas within your home. Though cross-country holidays and larger gatherings remain on hold, many outdoor activities pose a low infection risk. 

By practicing the appropriate protocols, such as mask-wearing and limiting groups, you and your family can easily rediscover the natural wonders of the outdoors. Below are five must-try, enriching activities that you can enjoy while being socially distanced. 

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is either a solitary endeavor or activity that you can indulge in with a friend or two. Whether you’re a beginner just now learning the ropes or a seasoned veteran, angling is an excellent avenue for stress relief and fresh air. 

For the competitive-at-heart, fly fishing also poses an exciting challenge—one you won’t get in the comfort of your home. While a basket brimming with bass and carp will take more than a few casts and experience, angling rookies can still enjoy ample success. 

Not to mention, you get to experience generous whiffs of fresh air. If you love the thrill of reeling in dinner or going up against skilled hobbyists, an afternoon off-shore fishing trip is something you might want to consider. 

Drive-In Cinemas

In 2021, drive-in cinemas are no longer a thing of the past. Within the comfort of your vehicle, you and your family can enjoy renowned classics without the risks of an indoor cinema. 

Thanks to technological advancements, long gone are the days of canned audio and dark screens. Now, drive-in screens can display high-definition motion pictures and crisp sound that mimic true cinema set-ups. 

Providing some sense of normalcy, drive-in cinemas are enriching and an accessible method of improving your mental health. 

Outdoor Yoga

If a jog around the block in your area is out of the question, outdoor yoga is something you can throw onto your to-do list. Practicing yoga outdoors makes for a welcome change of scenery and provides a handful of unexpected health benefits. 

When venturing into the backyard, first consider a few elements that can make or break your session. Firstly, you’ll have to decide whether you prefer to practice with or without a mat. Many experts recommend Earthing, which provides individuals with a means of grounding and allows for smoother pivoting. 

If you’re practicing out in the sun, you’ll want to purchase the appropriate sunscreen or pitch an umbrella to protect against UV rays. Alternatively, you can practice earlier or later in the day to prevent exposure. 

Backyard Camping

If your favorite camping destination is unavailable due to restrictions, why not make use of your backyard? As the spring rolls in, the air is clean and the grass dewy—a welcome boost to the immune system amid delicate times. 

Simply bring out the barbecue, s’mores, battery rechargeable lanterns, and get pitching! Don’t forget to apply generous amounts of mosquito repellant. 

Do you lack yard space? Not to worry—a camp-in in the living room should suffice!

Boating or Sailing

Did you know just a few hours under the sun can increase melatonin production, which ensures better sleep? What better way to enjoy an afternoon outdoors than with a quick dip afterward? If the weather permits, consider spending an afternoon at the lake canoeing. 

When loading up at the marina or refueling your boat, ensure that you stay a reasonable distance away from other rafters. 

As much as possible, limit the number of people on board. Avoid inviting guests outside of your immediate family. 

Improve Your Health Safety This Quarantine

As the Covid-19 pandemic persists, safe outdoor activities are vital to enhancing your physical and mental health. While they don’t replace a complete sense of normalcy, the occasional outdoor venture can do wonders for your mood, wellness, and overall health. 

There is a surprising abundance of options for staying healthy and positive during the pandemic. All it takes is connecting with the right one. 

About the author:

Kenneth Reaves is a professional angler, and has plenty of outdoor experience ranging from fishing to hiking to camping. His wife is a willing participant in his outdoor adventures. He shares his knowledge and passion over at Perfect Captain.

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