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All About ACDC Strain

ACDC cannabis strain is unique, and it has won many cannabis awards because of its exceptional qualities and medical benefits. As compared to other strains, ACDC strain has high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. This unique quality makes the ACDC strain stand out from other cannabis strains. ACDC strain is a balanced cross between cannatonic and Ruderalis, but Sativa seems to be dominant.

If you’re looking for more information about ACDC strain, well, you have landed in the right place. Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about ACDC strain. So, let’s get started.

Effects of ACDC Strain on Human Body

As discussed above, the ACDC strain is a balanced cross between Sativa and Indica, but still, Sativa is found to be more dominant in ACDC strain. Compare to other strains that deliver standard cerebral high, the effects of ACDC strain can be defined as relaxation of the whole body. Many smokers who smoke ACDC strain report that after smoking, they feel more focused on their work.

Due to the lower amount of THC, the consumption of ACDC strain can help in uplifting a person’s mood and result in positive feelings. The right amount of euphoria delivered by ACDC strain can make you more social.

Aroma & Flavor

ACDC strain doesn’t fail when it comes to aroma and flavor; the CBD strains have a pleasant earthy undertone with a sweet aroma of citrus. The ACDC strain flavor is similar to its aroma, the taste of ACDC strain pleases the taste buds. It has a mixed taste of sweet, skunk, with a hint of pine and pepper.

Medical Benefits

As discussed earlier, ACDC strain has a high level of CBD and low levels of THC, which makes it a perfect strain for medical use. Here are some of the medical benefits of ACDC strain.

  1. The high levels of CBD present in ACDC strain can help in treating PTSD and depression. Strain can help in dealing with severe cases of PTSD and depression.
  2. A proven study suggests that ACDC strain is beneficial in treating epilepsy.
  3. It can help in controlling seizures. There are other health benefits of ACDC strain as well; it may help in fighting multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s tumor, and pain.

ACDC strain is a unique strain and has lots of potential medical benefits. Moreover, it aids in fighting insomnia and promotes better sleep.

Side Effects of ACDC strain

Like all other strains, ACDC strain also has potential side effects, and one of them is dehydration. When you consume ACDC strain, you must drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. ACDC strain will make your mouth dry.

The overconsumption of ACDC strain may result in dizziness, red eyes, and headaches. Another potential side effect of overdose of ACDC strain is higher anxiety.

The Bottom Line!

ACDC strain is unique because of one simple property, and that is high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. It has different medical benefits which are outlined above. Moreover, if you overdose ACDC strain, it may lead to potential side effects, which include greater anxiety, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, and red eyes.

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