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Englander Peebles Sharex Accident Recovery Strategies to Get Your Mind Healthy Again

Car accidents are a real problem in the US. Did you know that 102 people die every day in serious car accidents across the nation?

These are the figures most people focus on. But little attention is paid towards those who survive serious accidents, and the impact they can have on them.

We spoke to Gary B. Englander from law firm Englander Peebles to find out what people can do to get back to normal again after the trauma of a serious car accident.

The Perception of the Crash

Whether someone will experience lasting mental trauma following an accident has nothing to do with how severe the crash was. It’s how they perceive it.

Dr. Lynda Matthews from the University of Sydney says that if someone perceives a crash as life-threatening they’re more likely to experience mental trauma in the weeks and months after the accident. This applies even if the crash didn’t cause any lasting physical damage.

Gary says that this is why attorneys always pay special attention to a person’s mental state, even if the accident wasn’t particularly severe.

It all depends on the victim’s experiences.

Getting Back on Board – The First Step

Gary says the most common reaction is anger towards the guilty party. This can manifest itself in your daily life in the form of outbursts and general irritability.

The best way to handle these perfectly natural feelings is by adopting a series of simple breathing exercises. Being able to take yourself out of the moment and step back can have a huge effect on your mental state.

Your doctor will be able to help you learn the breathing exercises that are right for you.

The Feeling of Guilt

What could you have done differently?

You may be asking this question. Anyone who was involved in a serious accident always has to deal with feelings that they could have done something differently. This is especially the case if someone was left permanently disabled or dead.

Gary says the key to dealing with this sort of guilt is to confront it. Speak to professionals like your lawyer or emergency responders. This is all part of the healing process.

Anxieties and Worries

Another aspect of your emotional recovery is dealing with anxiety. A lack of concentration and not being able to sleep are two of the most common issues Gary says his clients have.

This is not a physical, medical issue. It’s internal. Gary says speaking to a counselor or psychologist is the best way to bring these feelings into the open and, eventually, overcoming them.

Depending on the person, this can be a process that takes months to come to terms with.

He says the worst thing you can do is to bottle everything up inside.

Last Word – The Long Journey

Gary states that many of his clients still deal with the emotional damage of a serious car accident every day, after all the insurers, victims, and attorneys have been dealt with.

The important thing is to seek help at the earliest possible opportunity.

Have you experienced trauma from a recent car accident?

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