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7 Great Accessories Every Athlete Should Have

Whether you're playing a sport seriously or just for fun, you always have to be aware of yourself and your body. It's very easy to get wrapped up in the heat of the moment and end up severely injuring yourself. Along with that, you also want to ensure that you're putting yourself in the best possible position every time you play the sport. There are several accessories that any athlete can get that can instantly help them, whatever situation they are in. Here are some of the accessories you should be putting into your gym bag or wearing when you go to play.

CBD Salve

CBD has been looked at quite controversially due to its connection to marijuana. Despite the connections, CBD is statistically known for helping out in many different medical areas. How can it help an athlete? Any athlete has experienced their fair share of muscle aches and inflammations. Whether they are occurring during a game or in the days after, it's something you want to avoid. CBD salve is great, as it can greatly reduce the amount of inflammation in the area and provide a soothing effect. CBD salve isn't even too difficult to pick up. You can easily find a CBD topical salve supplier in your area with a quick Google search. The salve itself isn't too expensive, either, considering all the benefits it can bring. As an athlete, having this in your bag would go a long way to ensuring that your muscles stay healthy and injury-free during your games.

Foam Rollers

When it comes to deep muscle knots and muscle pains, a salve won’t be able to solve all of your issues. While you could get a massage or go to physiotherapy, you can save a ton of money by picking up a foam roller. To use it, simply put it on the affected area and roll it back and forth. While it might be a little painful or uncomfortable, the roller will help fix even the deepest muscle knots you have. You never know when a muscle cramp will occur, and having a foam roller will prevent your muscles from tightening up too much when it happens.

The Proper Shoes

While people might want to save some money and go with a standard pair of running shoes for their sport, it can have dire consequences. Depending on the sport you're playing, it's recommended that you get the right type of shoes. Take basketball, for example; you'll want a pair of shoes that will allow you to stop quickly and change directions. Shoes that slip while you're on the court can result in serious knee injuries such as a torn ACL. The same goes for sports like baseball and football. Getting the right type of cleat that can dig into the surface you're playing in won't only help you play better, but will also ensure that you stay relatively injury-free. Don't skimp out when it comes to finding a pair of shoes for your sport.

A Well-Insulated Water Bottle

When you finally hit the field, you want to ensure that you have a bottle full of water ready for you. If you're playing an outdoor sport, the sun can quickly heat up your bottle, rendering your water warm and nasty. To beat this, look into getting a well-insulated water bottle that can help keep things cold. Not only will it help you stay hydrated, but it will also make sure the water stays cool, giving you the refreshment you need when things get hot.


During warmups, you need to use that time to get your head into the game and get yourself psyched up. Whether that be playing your favorite music or doing a pregame ritual, you have to do what's necessary to be ready. Find yourself a pair of headphones you can comfortably wear while running around. If your headphones aren't comfortable for you during your warmup, look and find a pair that will work for you.

Medical Tape

While you'll be doing everything you possibly can to avoid injuries, there are times when they are simply unavoidable. In sports like basketball, for example, it's very easy to end up hurting a finger or two when things get extremely fast-paced. Having some medical tape in your bag can allow you to tape up an injured finger and get yourself back in the game. Medical tape will allow you to keep playing through an injury that would normally require you to sit out. The tape is also extremely inexpensive, so you have absolutely no reason as to why this shouldn't be in your bag.

Compression Clothing

If you're looking for clothing to wear while you work out or simply for things to wear underneath your jersey, you should strongly consider wearing compression clothing. Compression clothes are known to help increase the circulation in your body, allowing you to recover from injuries that much sooner. Compression clothing can also help to absorb and whisk away some of the built-up sweat, minimizing the amount of chafing that can occur. While compression clothing can be a little expensive, it's definitely worth the investment, as it will greatly aid you in whatever sport you're playing.

All of these are important accessories you should be looking to add to your collection. When playing sports, you have to make sure you're doing whatever is necessary to keep yourself safe, while also putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed. Having things like proper shoes and medical kits will allow you to avoid most injuries and deal with others when they occur. After that, it's about finding things that will allow you to feel more comfortable in the sport you're playing. Take the time to figure out what you think you need, and try a few things out before committing to them. At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide what accessories you need. What do you plan on adding to your gym bag?

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