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The Benefits of Accessing Talkspace
with Your Insurance Coverage

It is vital to invest in therapy services in terms of time, energy, and money. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that there are insurance providers offering cover on mental health issues. The cover helps you alleviate the financial burden. During this challenging pandemic time, it’s the right time to take mental health insurance coverage. Looking at the current situation, many people are forced to undertake mental health checkups, and more new challenges will be experienced after the COVID-19 onset.

Insurance providers are adding extra effort to digital health services for both mental and physical health care. And the ability to access better health care at home is through telehealth, which is essential.

In recent times, everyone has experienced challenges. You are not exceptional; you experienced it. Maybe you have trouble sleeping, having consuming thoughts about the virus, and even battling nerves about your job stability. After facing all these challenges, you should have access to a licensed therapist. A great therapist helps you to work on your stressful feelings. Besides, attending a therapy session improves your mental health. If eligible to access online therapy, it’s the most convenient.

Two factors can hinder you from accessing the help you need; cost and insurance eligibility. Fortunately, you can get the cover for your mental health.

Does Your Insurer Cover Mental Health?

A recent study by Qualtrics reported that 60% of American people between 18 – 49 years think that their insurance will cover mental health services. On the other hand, 20% of the population thinks their insurance covers telemedicine services. The current pandemic situation grounded the statistical data. It has resulted in increased mental distress, thus a high need to access mental health care.

The outstanding thing is that the largest health insurers now cover Talkspace in the country. Some of these companies include Humana, Optum, and Cigna. The insurance cover can be offered through educational institutions, large organizations, and employers. Millions of people seeking help can eligibly receive it.

Accessing Therapy With Your Insurance Provider

The world is suffering from anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. That well said Talkspace has been working hard to broaden their access to mental health care. And as the global leader, the company is covering more than 40 million people with eligible insurance plans in America. It’s therefore essential you consider whether your insurance will cover you and access necessary mental health care. Here are steps you should follow:

  • Check you eligibility
  • Take a brief assessment
  • Pick a therapist
  • Start your therapy

The Bottom Line

At this hard time of the year, you need to access all the help you need. That’s because when you delay treatment, it only exacerbates the suffering. During this pandemic time, many people continue to experience their worst mental health crisis. All these stressing factors result from political, financial, and social issues. People should access the right care and on the same day.

Understand that you shouldn’t feel ashamed to seek help when you need it. It’s advantageous that, Talkspace has expanded its insurance coverage; you can now access it.

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