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Oh, For the Courage of a Child

By Karen Wright

Have you seen the face of real confidence and courage lately? No? Look closely at the face of a two year old. They know little of the world, yet they're up for any experience before them. Thoughts of worry and doubt and timidity rarely enter their minds. To a toddler the world is an endless flow of adventure and discovery. They can't wait to find out what's around the corner or across the street. In their live-for-the-moment minds there is no such thing as failure.

Where did all our bravery and boldness go? When did we forfeit the vivid color of courage for the lifeless pallor of caution? When did we start believing that we have more to lose than gain?

It seems that in bumping up against this world we've believed our bruises could be fatal. We've sought to stave off actual or imagined death so hard that we gave up living. Our ancestors once believed that if you sailed too far you'd fall off the edge of the earth and sea monsters would eat you. From generation to generation the be careful, be safe, don't risk much gene has been passed down.

We constantly compare ourselves to the photo-touched image of the successful person and come up short. We couldn't possibly take those kinds of chances. We don't have those kinds of opportunities. Surely, they are more lucky or gifted or have less to lose than we. Yes, there is a difference between us and them. But, it's not about skill or luck. They've learned a secret of life: don't lose confidence in yourself, lose confidence in your doubts. Infants are not born with brakes. They don't understand the concept of limitation. These life-leeches are learned over time. Imperceptibly they suck the joy out of life and we settle in to a comfortable, yet predictable, existence. Just like everyone else we know.

Ever wonder what it would be like to live at full throttle? Not the exhausting, laborious trudge through monotonous days but the zing of true engagement emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. What if you gave up pretending that living with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake was acceptable? What if you tasted the sweet juices of your most cherished desire again? What if you actually started to love life again?

This is not wishful thinking and childish dreaming. This is why you're here, on this Earth, at this time, with this body and these aspirations. You were never meant for the mind-numbing lock-step of the birth-to-death march. You were meant for greatness. You were built for magnificence. You are a miracle of life with endless capacity to create and become. You know this deep in your soul. Can't you feel the flutter of remembrance?

Right where you are, today, let some of that wondrous you glimpse the outside world again. Look up and forward. Pack your doubts and fears and reservations and sail them off the end of the earth. Remember that childhood bravado - you are the greatest! No one compares to you. This isn't ego, this is the God's honest truth about each one of us.

What if you lived knowing that you had more to gain than lose? What if you knew that you never actually ever lose anything? Loss and failure are in your mind - figments of fear. They mean nothing. This is your life! Love it, live it, drench yourself in joy. You deserve; you deserve; you deserve. There's more than enough for us all!

Karen is author of The Sequoia Seed: Remembering the Truth of Who You Are, a great read for anyone who is seeking understanding or guidance, inspiration or clarity in his or her life.

'Remembrance: Letters to My Soul' is the first of a new series of e-books by Karen... a profound journey through the challenges we all face with fear and doubt that brings us to the remembrance that we are safe, strong, and spiritually eternal. 54 pages of inspiration that will touch your heart and steady your path. For the true seeker. Normally it is $12.00 but Karen is kindly offering it freely to Trans4mind readers: Download here.

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