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Tips for Personal Self-Development

Self-development covers activities that improve our awareness and identity and develop our talents and potential. It can be seen as building human capital, facilitating our employability and the general quality of our lives. It also plays a massive role in the realisations of our aspirations and dreams.

Essentially, it encompasses anything that involves your transformation as a human being. It means becoming the best version of yourself no matter what, and truly tapping into your potential. When you are consistently bettering what you do every day, your life circumstances will improve exponentially. It is a combination of internal examinations and outward actions.

Planning is Vital

When it comes to getting anything done, planning what you want to see happen is essential. Writing down what you want is the first step, and it is no different when it comes to your personal development!

Make a plan. Keep it as brief as possible and monitor your progress. Writing down your desires, detailing your progress, and recording outcomes is a great way to stay motivated. This process will clarify your thought process too, and cement your intentions.

You are allowed to change your mind and adjust your plans whenever you want to. If you are not succeeding somewhere, take it as a signal to review your goals and adjust how you are working towards them.

Start Immediately

There is no time like the present! Do something that gets you further along your personal development journey today.

While it may take time to achieve lasting change, getting started is the first step. You will be building on what you do today tomorrow, and the first thing to get rid of is your tendency to procrastinate.

Baby Steps

To keep from getting overwhelmed, break your plan down into the smallest possible steps you can. Nothing is impossible if approached this way, and it is easy to keep track of how far you have managed to get, too.

Learn From Other People

You don’t need to make the same mistakes as those who went before you. Others’ experience can light your way and help you avoid time-consuming mistakes and preventable problems.

The internet is your oyster! You have got access to TED Talks, podcasts, websites, books, newsletters and so much more online. Your desktop, smartphone, and tablet are capable of a lot more than just keeping you up to date on the various social networking sites, allowing you to enjoy political betting in Australia and real money games, or keeping up to date with celebrity news.

Change is Not the Enemy

The world is always changing. There is no escape from this fact, and it is time to embrace it instead of resenting, resisting, and rejecting it.

Seek out new perspectives, try something new that scares you a little, and learn techniques to help you make space for uncertainty in your everyday life. Meditation, yoga or even a sport like golf, and mindfulness are all great ways to incorporate learning to live with flux.

Hold Yourself Accountable

The great thing about taking responsibility for everything you do is that you get recognition for everything you did right and have the control to change or stop behaviours that aren’t working for you at the same time.

Be Grateful and Recognise Your Worth

There is a lot to be said for focussing on what you already have. Really take time every day to acknowledge everything you have got as keep working on getting to where you are going.

Think about how others benefit from what you do, and remember the blessings you’ve received from them. Many people swear by a Gratitude Journal since writing a list each day of the good in our lives serves to bring us into the present moment while we’re trying to create the future.

Set Your Intentions Clearly and Carefully

Work on the assumption that what you’re creating is your future and set your intentions accordingly. Figure out what your true motivations are before you resolve to do anything and make sure that what you say you want is really what you’re looking for.

If your goals and intentions aren’t aligned you may run into issues with sticking to your new routines, so take time here to line them up.

Challenge Yourself

You need goals that are going to push you out of your comfort zone, sure, but make sure you’re not setting impossible targets.

If you don’t allow yourself to enjoy the milestones along your journey, you may find yourself abandoning it sooner rather than later. And conversely, if you’re sticking only to what you already know you can do, you’ll get bored and there’ll be no real change.

Find the right middle ground that embraces where you are, holds space for the steps you want to take to get somewhere new, and by increments begins reshaping your reality into the future you’ve invested in.

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