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Eldon Talor's book "Choices and Illusions"

Today I'm excited to tell you about Eldon Taylor's powerful new book Choices and Illusions. I believe this material will unlock a powerful future for you. Read what one spiritual trainer said about Choices and Illusions:

"A few pages in and I was digging around in my nightstand for a highlighter and pen - tools I consider mandatory for any good read — propping the pillows more comfortably behind me, and settling in for what I knew would be both a long night read and a delightful learning experience. I finished the book at three o-clock this morning. I was not disappointed in the least. I know that in the very first read alone, I experienced many, many 'Aha!' moments and was able to see, for the first time, many of the silly little ways I still pay homage to many self-imposed limits. Now, thanks to Eldon's work, I can confront those blessing-barriers and put an end to them once and for all."
It is not until you crack the code that opens the lock that a world of limitless possibility appears. The great masters of our time can tell you over and over about your unlimited potential but as long as you are confined within a particular set of beliefs, you won't have the perspective to really see, find or do it yourself.

Choices and Illusions helps you to see through the illusions that have kept you bound in an endless cycle, repeating the same patterns over and over again. Once you hold this key in your hand, all the knowledge you have accumulated up until now will make sense to you in a way it never has before.

I encourage you to buy Choices and Illusions today! And as an incentive to make this investment in yourself I have joined with a team of the world's finest contributors in the personal growth movement who are each offering you a special bonus gift when you order this book. These are people who have dedicated their lives to helping others achieve their highest potential in life, such as Deepak Chopra, JZ Knight (Ramtha), Lynne McTaggart, Joan Borysenko, Michael Beckwith, Barbara De Angelis, John Assaraf and many others... some well known and some not but all brilliant in their field.

And for your convenience, you only need to input your details verifying your purchase of Choices and Illusions once in order to obtain all of the free gifts (valued at over one thousand dollars). Visit here for more details.

Why such a generous offer to you? Well, these are people who all share a common goal to help others achieve their highest potential in life; and really we are all working towards the same goal; we all want a healthier, happier world to live in. Eldon Taylor says in Choices and Illusions this outcome is achieved not by what we can get from life, but what we can give. So we want to give you this gift to start you on your journey to a more empowered you. How wonderful would it be to begin seeing real, measurable results in your life?

You will want this book regardless of your level or background in self-help and self-empowerment. It is written in such a simple and straightforward way that it will assist those who are just beginning to embark upon a path of inner-exploration and at the same time offer powerful insights to the professional. Here is what another practitioner/teacher has to say about Choices and Illusions:

"As a Rebirther, Breath Worker and Rebirther Trainer who has worked with hundreds of people for the past sixteen years unraveling the unconscious effects of the decisions made during conception, gestation and birth, as well as those stemming from limiting early childhood scripts, and as a teacher and student of the ACIM for over ten years as well, your book (Choices and Illusions) uncannily validates what I have discovered to be true thru hours of hands-on practice and therefore have been teaching/learning. The clarity of the scientific research is what I found absolutely enthralling and uplifting. I cannot but thank you for the new possibilities you will be responsible for opening for many people with this clear information, including myself regarding further work that can be done."
Act now! Get your copy and for that matter, perhaps even another for someone important to you. Remember when you do, you will receive literally over one thousand dollars in special gifts from the leaders in the field. Additionally, unlike any offer of this kind, you only need to sign in one time for all of the gifts.

Choices and Illusions

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