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Sustainable Happiness -
How to Find Durable Contentment

Tips to increase happiness

Majority of us have been made to believe that happiness is directly associated with achievements. We consider “I will be happy once i get a promotion at our job” or “When i will get married”. We are fully persuaded that we will find happiness when we buy an expensive car or run a marathon. The fact is that we can have a feeling of happiness right at the moment, irrespective of the ongoing circumstances.

The actual happiness and contentment is deep rooted in acknowledging who are at any moment. More frequently, we get so indulged in our busy routines that we don't even look at where we are now as a person. Our focus is always on the future or past instead of the present. Does it feel similar? However, before we can be happy and content with where we are right now, we should be considerate of our current situation.

Happiness can be maintained by creating a sense of the conscious choices in our life. Here are few of tips for cultivating happiness and contentment in your life :

Practice Gratitude

Every day, recognise at least a pet, person or thing that nourish your life. Write down your thoughts in a journal. When you explore yourself deprived of happiness, take a second to explore your entries and consider all the good stuff in your life.


When you explore yourself not happy with something or someone, take a stop and pause. Take a deep breath and remind yourself to acknowledge that individual as they are and to embrace their good traits or to explore the bright side of any circumstance.

Employ Positive Affirmations

“This world supports me”, when you are feeling alone or low, it can be challenging to experience as though everyone is on your side. This affirmation is a significant reminder that you are not alone and despite the happenings, life is on your side. The world is constantly orchestrating for things to employ in your life. You must keep believing and your mind fits firmly on what it is that you need the most. Keep in mind that all of these things will become your reality. Positive affirmations can bring a positive change in your life, and if you have no idea about practising the positive affirmations, you must be aware of how to use positive affirmations correctly.

Live In The Present

Don’t delay happiness by waiting for a moment when your life is less stressful and less busy. The day might not come ever. Instead, explore the chance to get the minor joys of your regular life. Concentrate on the positives of today instead of dwelling on the past or stressing about the future.

Hence, the keys to happiness are mentioned above and one must take every key into practice to enhance the life experiences while leaving the past behind. Moreover, focusing on the positive affirmations can also initiate the positive changes in one’s life. So, ensure to be on the track to happiness by focusing on the keys to happiness mentioned above.

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