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Ways to Better Yourself

By Indy Summers

Waking Up

Waking up in the morning can be either a refreshing and exciting activity or one that you wish didn’t happen. All of this depends on how you have your mindset and life set up. If you go to bed excited for the new day, this could add to the feeling that you feel when you actually wake up. On the other hand, if you just finished working all day and all you are waking up to the next day is more work, then it can be hard to be excited about that day. Something that can help is meditation before going to sleep. This allows for heavy breathing and calming the mind. You’ll sleep better because through meditation, the energies in your mind and in any of your frustrations will be rejuvenated and lessened. If meditation before bed doesn’t work, try doing it when you first wake up. This all depends on your personality and lifestyle for it to work.

Meditation can help to declutter the mind, but did you know playing brain games can also help? For instance, Solitaire Bliss. It's an excellent way to unwind and tame the chaos in your mind.

Living Balanced

In a growing business enforced society, it may feel like all you are doing is working. In order to stay mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially healthy, you need time to allow yourself to fill those needs. We already talked about how meditation can help us mentally and that is just one thing that can help of the many other techniques that are available. As for being emotionally stable, it is different for everyone. For some, it’s just being able to cry when you need to cry and not withholding emotions. Talking to therapists or trusted friends about what happens during our day helps a lot as well, even with the most minimal emotional stresses. As for dealing with our physical wellbeing, a lot of us spend most time in an office space in a chair. Even if it is only for a few minutes, we need to allow ourselves to get some physical exercise. This could mean going on a walk for some and hiking for another. Again, this all depends on your own personal lifestyle. This personal lifestyle can be a success by starting with a vision and then creating a goal to accomplish it. Last, but certainly not least, allow yourself to go to social gatherings even if and especially if you have been working all week. It is a reward for yourself to have a little fun. Having your mental, emotional, physical and social health in fact can add balance in your life and bring more happiness to you.

Help Others Live Balanced

Helping others live a balanced life first starts with you, but once you have that under control, you can help others more effectively. This can be tricky at times when you don’t have a direct dependent, but it is still possible as you strive to help your friends. Those with dependents can help bring this balance to their lives. When you are young, you need experiences to shape you a great thing to sign your kid up for is a gap year program. These programs are designed to allow for an experience that brings greater perspective and to shape and mold you. There are only so much a parent can do to help their kid be formed into someone who can confront the winds and waves of life and ultimately it is what they experience that can help them become someone suitable for that. This control on the experience aspect of the child’s life can bring a greater satisfaction to not only the kid, but to you as a mother or father.

Life is lived with perspective and what works for you may not work for the next person. The key to all of this is learning what works. This may be a process of trial and error that you have to go through or maybe not. We are all different and have different wants and needs. With those wants and needs and what we do to satisfy them will make us into who we all ultimately become in this life, so, choose wisely.

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