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How Travel Can help Beat Depression

By Rachel Summers

Let’s be honest; the world isn’t always an amazing place. If you consider modern-day society, there are job cuts, people suffering anxiety, depression rates have never been higher, and some of the biggest problems we face as a planet is rising sea levels, heavily polluted air in our cities and the ever-growing control that social media has on our lives.

However, the world is also an incredibly beautiful place full of wonder and adventure. There are seven billion people on the planet and therefore seven billion stories to be told. The natural wonder is stunning, and it’s never been easier in human history to explore both natural and human miracles.

It’s so amazing how it can change your perspective. The planet is the only anti-depressant you may ever need. Here’s how travel can change your life.

Meeting the New People

One of the most common problems with depression is that you can sometimes develop anti-social attitudes and behaviours. The longer this goes on, the more problematic the behaviours can become and the harder it is to meet friends or new people.

Nevertheless, with travelling comes the chances to free yourself from the shackles of these behaviours. With travelling comes with all new opportunities to meet and chat with new people, regardless of where in the world you’re both from.

When travelling, you’re mainly meeting people that are having the times of their lives creating experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime. With time, you’ll start to feel the same. By creating vibrant memories with positive people, you’ll find more and more that your perspective changes.

Allow Your Mind to Be Still

If you feel depressed, it can be very difficult to make big decisions, or any decision for that matter, thanks to the anxious thoughts that come with it. With this in mind, it’s also safe to say that this level of depression can also stop you sleeping at night or unable to concentrate in the days.

Travelling can help take you to places that are far out of your comfort zone but still, peaceful and serene. Being at home so much can make you feel restricted and trapped, something that can be unwinded through travel.

Reveal the Bigger Picture

When you’re feeling low, it’s easy to feel worthless, guilty about certain situations and the feeling that you’re being pushed back. This can make you feel so trapped however this can restrict your view of the bigger picture when it comes to life.

“Imagine you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s cube, which represents your life. However, staying in your hometown means you only get to look at one side of the cube. This means that you’re only looking at one possible solution and one set of ideas,” exclaims Tina Berry, a traveller and freelance writer for Revieweal.

Going travelling allows you to step back and see all faces of the cube. By removing yourself from your everyday situation, you can easily refresh your perspective while seeing the world through a new set of eyes reminding you that there is beauty in the world.

Escape the Stresses of Life

‘Getting away from it all’ can be so beneficial for your wellbeing. Whether you hate your job, you’re going through some dramatic situations with friends, or things aren’t going your way, removing yourself from these stressful situations can help you take a breather before heading back and sorting them out.

Learn to be Flexible

When it comes to travelling, things rarely go to plan. Maybe a flight changes or gets delaid. Perhaps a hotel or hostel was fully booked, or you simply missed the bus. Sometimes these experiences may not be incredibly positive.

You might lose your travel documents, money, purse, wallet or even find yourself lost in a city.

“I remember I rented a car in Valencia and toured the city and surrounding area on my first day. However, my phone was dead, the satnav wouldn’t work, and I became incredibly lost. At first, I started to panic since I needed to hand the car back, but it turns out to quite the adventure when I pulled over by the beach and watch the most beautiful sunset with complete strangers,” shares John Samuels, a traveller and writer for UK Service Reviews.

Recharge Your Batteries

How often do you scroll down your Instagram feed and see beautiful pictures of some of the most stunning places in the world? It could be an incredible vista and a sunset or an awe-inspiring activity like a sky-dive or a bungee jump. Whatever it is, getting anyway from your daily grind of a routine can allow you to take a well-deserved break to recharge your batteries.

Sarah Galden, a travel writer for Top Canadian Writers states:

“A human being will always make the best and most level-headed decisions when they are free from stress and anxiety, making for a better present and a better future.”

Rachel Summers has worked in education, tutoring students who need extra assistance with their studies. That means that she has the expertise needed to show students the way to study effectively, including Australian Reviewer. She writes with this goal in mind, so you can get ahead in school or college. My blog: Writing Populist.
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