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Soul Searching Tips:
What You Should Do to Find Yourself

Soul Searching

By Carol White

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) created by Dolores Cannon has helped thousands of people feeling lost in life. The process allows access to the inner parts of the self referred to as the Higher Self, the Over-Soul, or the Super Conscious. People can see their worth, understand the purpose of failures or circumstances, and gain the ability to deal with change appropriately.

Soul searching is an internal search, honest evaluation, and assessment of life’s purpose, core values, and moral contentment. It often involves deep-diving into the innermost corners of the conscience and working to comprehend yourself at the deepest level so that you can live with purpose.

The aim of soul searching is to redirect a person lost in life. For instance, when an individual is feeling demotivated, unsure of the right path, and discontent with life and relationships, soul searching can be the solution.

Although finding yourself isn’t quick and easy but it’s worth the effort. Here are some ways to consider when you’re feeling lost.

1. Immerse yourself in solitude

Soul searching is possible when deep thought is allowed by minimizing distractions and spending time alone. Therefore, find a time and place for solitude. Disconnect from social media and relax with yourself.

Giving yourself time and space to escape from the expectations, conversations, stress, and pressure will help you recharge your batteries. These can include:

  • Taking a long walk and thinking about life
  • Sitting near the shore and observing
  • Settling in a park bench and perceiving
  • Taking a long, thoughtful road trip
  • Writing your emotions and thinking
  • Feeling independent and self-sufficient
  • Not being lonely or afraid

Every person requires time alone. It’s the time for restoration and self-talk. Being alone is a must for absolute peace and realizing that purposeful solitude can liberate your shackled wellbeing.

Moreover, creative persons use the alone time as an opportunity to boost their creativity. You can see the reflection of yourself when immersed in solitude.

2. Waking your conscious self

Creating your journal is an effective way of understanding yourself. Writing your thoughts and frustrations on a piece of paper will help the ideas flow. Start thinking about your feelings, achievements, satisfactions, and areas for improvement. The things you’ll list will be about you and not just a simple reflection of society. It’s about identification and clarification of issues. These issues may be restraining you from realizing your potential and allowing your true self to blossom.

Allot time for reviewing the past. A timeline is a process that helps in looking back at past occurrences in your life. These can be viewed as formation blocks and life’s experiences along your way. Make sure to keep the entry simple, real, and condensed to the major lessons learned from previous circumstances.

Focus on what you’ve learned when analyzing the negative experiences. Ignoring them won’t help you. Instead, acknowledge that those events have shaped you.

3. Reevaluate your life

Soul Searching

Soul searching also includes the evaluation of how you relate to the world around you. Consider how your daily activities affect your values, desires, and the real you. You may consider checking the following:

  • Current relationships you’re in and ask if they help you grow
  • Career, whether it’s fulfilling your passions or not
  • Time dedicated to hobbies and personal interests
  • Being true to yourself

These can be the guiding questions that you need to ask to align your routine practices with your soul’s purpose. Outline a plan, create a resolution, and communicate your realizations with a trusted advisor to direct yourself.

4. Cultivate your passion

Creating passion is another way to nurture your soul. For instance, take up a hobby or follow a routine that you love. Considering a new form of expression that can deepen your experiences and reveal the real you to the world.

Remember that you have the freedom to choose what you want in life. Sometimes we’re limited by choices that are based on the available resources. Once you have uncovered the real you, you’ll see that there’s more to it. Your passion can empower you to align yourself with the things you love.

Moreover, making improvements adds meaning and value to your everyday life. Above anything else, doing something you love is a way to let your soul breathe.

5. Create a good support system

One of the best ways to nourish your soul and live an authentic life is by connecting with people. Building new relationships can help your mind access life’s diverse potential by communicating and relating to other people’s lives. It can teach you profound lessons and help you improve your sense of human experience.

A great support system is needed as you go through the process of finding yourself. The surrounding people can help you move forward and keep you accountable as well. It’s best if you surround yourself with good friends who know your situation and understand what you’re hoping to achieve. These people acknowledge who you are and believe in you. Sometimes, all we want is a friend who’s willing to lend a helping hand and an open ear.

Hence, find people you can trust, who support your goals, and those that can bring you back when you’re feeling lost again.

6. Change your perspective

Learning to accept that you can’t please everyone is a slow process of modifying your perception of others. Let go of the need to be admired by all. Live your life the way you want to be while pursuing your passions and goals.

Another way to change your perspective is to abandon negative thoughts. Try to minimize criticizing others and yourself. Positivity can cultivate your sense of happiness and open your mind to new experiences. This will eventually lead you to a whole new world that’s better than before.

Trying to do something new and getting out of your comfort zone can teach you something about yourself, what you’re capable of, and what you’re missing.

Bottom line:

Soul searching helps you reveal the better version of yourself, a person that’s self-directed, passionate, collaborative, and with a sense of purpose. The tips mentioned above aren’t easy to apply and the life you’re used to isn’t easy to change. However, with your commitment and the help of the surrounding support system, the transition can be fulfilling and worth it.

Carol WhiteAbout the author:
Carol White is a full-time blogger who publishes content about mental wellness. Carol usually talks about different mental health issues and how one can combat all of these and still live life to the fullest. 

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