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The Power of Intuition

By Sam Gonzalez Silva

Psychologists need to have understanding, insight, compassion, patience, endurance. And often, that's not enough. There is no greater challenge than understanding another human being. It is especially important to be able to make quick accurate evaluations when working in crisis situations as I have done for the last twenty-one years.

For fourteen years I worked for the state of Nevada as Director of Crisis Services. For the last seven years, I've been the Director of Case management, which is less stressful but requires just as much intuition and insight. I've gotten calls in the middle of the night - and I've been "beeped" while presenting Silva classes - to come and evaluate somebody to decide if they need to be committed or not. The wrong choice could lose them.

For instance, I have had to make many quick decisions in the emergency room when people were brought in whose wrists were bleeding because they had attempted to commit suicide. Many counselors will simply play it safe by confining all of these people. But I use my intuition to sense whether this is just a one-time thing because they were depressed over some incident, or if they are chronically depressed and will try again. I've sent a lot of them home, and have never lost one yet. I've made the correct choice every time.

You can also lose them if you select the wrong method of treatment. Sometimes you need to use a confrontational approach. But if you use it at the wrong time, you can lose all of the rapport that you have established. There is a parole officer who confronted one of his parolees and told the parolee that he was tired of his excuses, if he didn't get a job right now he was going to revocate him and send him back to prison. That night the parole officer was awakened by a call from a deputy sheriff. The parolee had hanged himself, and in his pocket they found the parole officer's card. The parole officer did the best he could, but he still carries the guilt of that decision. I am so grateful that I have been able to use my intuition to avoid making a wrong decision like that.

There are many examples of how intuition has helped psychologists help their patients. Here's one...

Establishing better rapport
Several years ago I heard a story from a psychologist in New York about something that happened while he was conducting a group counseling session. One member of the group was a paranoid schizophrenic, and he started acting out. The patient jumped up, started talking rapidly, gesturing excitedly, and causing concern among the other patients.

Previously the therapist would have gotten up and gone to the patient and tried to regain control and calm him down. Instead, the psychologist tried a technique that he had learned in the Silva training. It is a technique that allows you to find out exactly what the other person is experiencing. At your level, you imagine that you are superimposing the subject's head over your own, as though you were putting on a helmet. Then you can test the subject's senses by testing your own senses. Whatever you sense is what your subject is sensing.

The psychologist stayed in his seat and mentally superimposed the patient's head over his own and began thinking to figure out what the patient was experiencing. Suddenly the patient stopped and looked directly at the psychologist. "You know what I'm thinking, don't you?" the patient asked. The therapist cautiously acknowledged that he did.

"You have the same thoughts in your head that I have in mine, don't you?" the patient asked. Once again, the psychologist cautiously confirmed that he believed he did.

"Then that means that I'm not crazy, doesn't it? Because if I'm crazy, you're crazy too!" The effect of this realization was spectacular, the psychologist reported. When the patient discovered that somebody else knew what he was experiencing, and was experiencing the same thing, he didn't feel so alone anymore, he didn't feel so different, so abnormal.

Shared experience is very powerful. In this instance, it turned out to be a healing experience. The patient made more progress as a result of that one experience than he had made in the previous year of therapy.

Understanding ourselves better
Sometimes when people are diagnoses as being mentally ill, it is because they are experiencing something that most people don't experience. If the "sane" people cannot relate to it, cannot share the experience, then they conclude that the person who is marching to the tune of a different drummer must be crazy. Imagine the value of being able to detect what other people are actually experiencing.

Jose Silva found in his research that about ten percent of the population somehow, through natural means, developed the ability to detect information clairvoyantly. Ninety percent don't do that. Those who are able to function clairvoyantly and who do not try to hide their ability often wind up either being thought of as saints, like Joan of Arc; or else they are thought to be delusional and often are confined to mental institutions. What a terrible waste of a wonderful ability that could be used to correct so many of the problems we face on our planet!

Your clairvoyant ability can be used to detect problems, and can also be used to correct problems - mentally, at a distance. You can call on your higher self and higher intelligence to know what to say in order to help a patient and correct a problem.

Intuitive troubleshooting
In fact, it even works with machines! I recall an incident when I was in the Air Force when I used my intuition that had stumped another airman for several hours. When I came on duty to relieve him, he told me how frustrated he was that he had not been able to find the problem with a piece of electronic equipment. He had spent the whole shift working on it. I told him that I would take over and see what I could do.

There were a couple of things working in my favor: My uncle is Jose Silva. While growing up, I saw how he repaired electronic equipment, and I learned to use my intuition. So I relaxed, entered my level, reviewed my points of reference for electronic equipment, imagined that the gear was now working perfectly, then opened my eyes and went straight to the problem and fixed it.

If we can do that to a complex piece of electronic equipment, just imagine how much easier it will be to help another human being. Use your Silva techniques to help you relax and remain in control, so that you can then use your intuition to help you correct problems. When you do that, people will think you are a genius. And you are!

Sam Gonzalez Silva is a "The Silva Life System" ESP System Instructor - Find out about "The Silva Life System".


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