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Aesthetics and Well-Being: How Home Decor Affects Your Happiness


By Stella Ryne

There are those who believe that humans are only affected by events when their mental state is already disrupted. Shapes, colors, vibrations, transcendence of nuances and visual contrast all affect one’s mood in a way but the true power of the visual comes from consistency. Spending hours and hours in an agitating ambiance will make you agitated, as well.

Now imagine what spending your entire life (at least, months or years) in such circumstances might do to your mental state. It could not only swing your current mood but significantly affect your overall mental health. So, with that in mind and without further ado, here are several things you need to know about the relationship between aesthetics and wellbeing, as well as a couple of ways in which home décor might affect your happiness.

The choice of colors


The first thing we need to explore is the choice of colors within your home, as well as the ways in which they can help you be happier. First of all, your bedroom and living room are places of rest and relaxation, which is why you need to treat them as such. Therefore, going for a relaxing nuance and a monochromatic design may make a world of a difference.

Furthermore, a certain palette could help you be much happier by enabling you to overcome certain ordeals with less effort. For instance, it’s known that certain colors affect your appetite, so why not paint your dining area appropriately before trying to lose or gain weight. Moreover, some colors are known to increase productivity, boost alertness or help you focus, which is why using them in your home office may bring some direct benefits. Either way, with little to no effort you get to make a major difference.



Another way to improve your well-being with home décor is to think a bit outside of the box or at least outside of your four walls. By this, we mean that you should seriously consider gardening. Parts of your garden that are visible from your living room also affect your home’s interior decoration, seeing as how the sight of a messy backyard may be particularly unsettling. Tending to plants and organizing your garden is a well-known cure for stress and working on your backyard oasis may be considered as a long-term solution to your problem.

Keep in mind, nonetheless, that this method may not be available at all times. During blistering heat or a winter blizzard, you might be confined to your interior. Still, by installing a parasol, growing a tree, purchasing a shade sail or at least considering Oztech awnings and retractable roof tops, you might prolong the season during which your home’s exterior is available.

You can also bring a bit of this garden inside, with the help of pot plants. In order to truly make a difference, try thinking outside-of-the-box once more and start considering alternative ways to introduce shrubbery indoors. For instance, hanging wall planters with vines can provide your living room with some of the most unique accessories out there.



Everyone knows that, when it comes to one’s mental health, exposure to the natural light is absolutely vital. This is why you need to find a way to control an influx of sun rays into the room. Even without expanding windows or tearing down non-supporting walls and pillars, you can amplify the light with the reflective wall-color or with mirrors placed in strategic locations. If you feel the need to dim the lights, you can always go for blinders, curtains and the above-discussed awnings. Naturally, you’ll still have to invest in an artificial lighting system.

Decluttering your living space

Your living space represents your character in more ways than you can possibly imagine. A cluttered home is often a sign of a cluttered mind, one stuck in the process of procrastination for so long that it can no longer get around to handle even the base priorities. To some, this may sound like a long-shot, yet, decluttering your living space might be a stepping stone from which you’ll proceed to sort out your schedule for good. You can use a monthly decor box to organize your living space. If nothing else, you’ll be able to relax within your home, unburdened by thoughts of a massive cleaning project you’ll have to take on at one point.

In conclusion

While neither of the above-listed trends may make you happy on its own, each of these ideas definitely does contribute to your feeling of happiness. Instances like those with color actively help you achieve your goals, while issues like decluttering and gardening may give you a pleasant temporary distraction. Lastly, purely aesthetic improvements give you a passive boost to your mood and morale. As you can see, through an adequate décor, you can gain both direct and indirect improvements to your overall lifestyle, which is definitely an idea worth considering.

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