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Holistic and Rapid Transformation

By Helene Rothschild

It is interesting how I discovered the keys to success. As I was counseling my clients, I noticed that similar fears kept coming up that sabotaged them from getting what they wanted. I realized that the fears all fit into seven major categories. Then I changed the negative beliefs to positive statements and came up with the Seven Major Keys to Success. This is the first key: "I am comfortable with the unknown."

For some reason, we are often afraid of the unknown. We will stay in an unfulfilling job or relationship, because we know what it is like. It is familiar. We do not know what will happen if we make a change. One client once said, "I would rather be safe than satisfied." Can you relate to that?

An example of this fear of success is the story of Bill, a forty- two year old parole officer. He complained that he was burned- out and wanted to quit his job. However, Bill was afraid to leave it for something he really wanted to do.

I asked Bill to close his eyes and to see an image of himself many years from now still working at the job he was afraid to leave. Bill visualized an unhappy and very tired-looking man. I then asked Bill what he wanted to say to that image of his future self. Bill replied, "I wish you had the courage to leave that job and do what you really wanted."

Then I asked Bill what he wanted to do now. He responded, "I want to leave my job and pursue another career, and I am going to do just that!" "Even though you are scared?" I asked. "Yes," Bill said with a calm and certain voice, "Even though I am scared."

I continued to guide Bill to imagine himself in the future doing what he loved. He visualized himself in his new career looking happy and fulfilled. Bill then had the courage to leave his job and follow his heart.

Often we need to be in a lot of pain before we are willing to move on. Sometimes the death of a loved one, a divorce, a birthday, or a severe illness awakens us so that we can see clearly—become aware of our true desires.

I woke up on my 30th birthday and realized how unhappy I was with my life. I said to myself, "Helene, you have suffered enough. You are not going to spend the next thirty years like the last thirty." That was when I began to grow, take risks and create what I wanted in my life. That was when I made a commitment to be me, to be happy, and to feel good. I cannot make that commitment for you. I am not that powerful and no one else is either. Only you can make that decision.

In order to have what you want in your life, I suggest that you say to yourself, "I am tired of being in pain and suffering. I do not want to settle anymore. I am ready to move on, even though I am scared of the unknown. Success and happiness are what I really want." When you make that commitment to yourself, you are likely to start noticing positive changes in your life.

Are you ready to be happier, healthier, and more successful in every area of your life? With this empowering handbook, you can create the life you desire. The keys to fulfillment are in your hands. There is no need to search out there for answers anymore—they are inside of you!

HART stands for Holistic And Rapid Transformation. How did the HART process come about? While I was studying for a Master's Degree in Counseling, I somehow naturally started to develop my own therapeutic process. I imagined a puzzle and saw some missing pieces. Over the course of a few years, the spaces were filled and HART was created.

My clients were experiencing great success, and I could not accommodate all the people who requested my services. One day I decided to start writing down what I was doing. Since it came to me intuitively, I was not sure if others could do it too, or if it was just my gift. By the way, I believe that all creativity comes from our sixth sense, our intuition.

To my surprise, the information I wrote seemed to be logical. I realized that I had developed HART by using my own creative tools and theories in combination with those from Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, Behaviorism, Transactional Analysis, Biofeedback, and Bioenergetics, plus some theories of Freud, Jung, Rogers, and Satir.

Then I decided to see if I could share it with others. In my very first class, I had eight eager students. A few months into the course, I returned home very excited. With a big smile on my face, I exclaimed to my partner, "It is teachable! The students are getting it!"

I am pleased to offer you my book, "All You Need Is HART!" which will bring HART to you in a unique way. This offer comes with pure love, and the action you take today can truly empower you and transform your life. Discover what else you need to do in order to allow the positive law of attraction to work for you, and enjoy fulfilling relationships, prosperity, success, and a healthy and slim body. Find out how unexpressed emotions cause physical pain, specific diseases, and accidents and how to heal your body and prevent physical problems.

Peter Shepherd notes: When the Beatles sang "All you Need is Love" live in the first world-wide TV transmission, back in the late 60's, it was one of the transformative moments of my life. No, I wasn't cynical then and I still believe that message now - I've found it's true so many times. So does Helen Rothschild, whose new book All You Need Is HART! exemplifies the transformative power of love in action. HART stands for Holistic And Rapid Transformation, and that's just what her book offers. It covers all the bases: success, self-esteem, healing your body, relationships, parenting, affirming your truth. With the infusion of love, all problems dissolve. The HART method is truly transformative and you'll love this book too!

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