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New Beginnings

By Natasha J. Rosewood

This is the first day of the rest of your life. But why wait for New Year or a birthday or the last Friday of the month to choose a new direction? According to the Buddhists, life means suffering, in the ego mind at least. Until we acknowledge our connectedness, we suffer the illusion of aloneness. Many fears, though they appear as realities, ultimately fade back into the ether. Then we realize that it is just our ego mind playing tricks.

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries of life disappear and life stands explained," Mark Twain wrote in his Notebook, (1898.)

There is real pain, of course. Death, separation, betrayal, job loss, diminished health, a changed lifestyle or crushed confidence and other fun stuff can really do a number on our psyches. Certain dates can be hell. While most of us physically survive these bad times, how can we heal our wounded souls and make our spirits soar? We can choose a new beginning.

If we want to change our lives, we have to change our way of thinking. Whichever way we are judging our current reality-good or bad-we can remember that we are the writers, producers, directors and stars of our own movies. Our life is our story. So if we want our stories to be more inspired, we can write this next scene into our plot.

It's Oscar night. And you have been nominated for best performer in the movie of your life. While waiting backstage in the huge auditorium, your name is announced as the winner! The applause is very loud and reverberates throughout the room. You know that many in the audience are your friends and family—even those who have caused you grief in the past. Amongst the spectators are those who have passed on but who are here in spirit to honor you.

Before you step out onto the stage, you check your reflection in a full-length mirror. You love what you see. You are amazed and proud at how radiant you look. You are at your very best. You are strong and fit and exude a healthy glow. Your eyes sparkle back at you with joy and excitement knowing that you are about to be celebrated by all these people.

As you walk out on stage, the applause for you rises to a roaring crescendo. The noise is almost deafening. You can feel the love like a wave washing over you. The ten most significant people in your life, your enemies as well as your friends, are on stage to greet you. They offer you a large throne-like chair to sit in while you listen to their acknowledgments.

They pay tribute to not merely your talents but also how hard you had to work to overcome your challenges and become the best you could be. They honor you for your courage and determination, how after each setback you kept going and did whatever it took to live life on your terms. The people who were your worst enemies and tested you tell you how proud they are of you for having turned adversity into success.

As you are awarded the Oscar, the last of your ten presenters applauds you for having motivated the spirit of generosity in others, not just by sharing your richness but also by offering your support and compassion to those who needed it. "The more powerful you are, the more you inspire success in others," the presenter is saying. "You symbolize the true meaning of courage and exemplify how if we push through our fears, we too can achieve what appears to be the impossible."

The applause is still ringing in your ears as you accept your trophy for being the best performer and star in the movie of your life.

There. How does that feel? If you want to get on the red carpet and be on stage at your version of "Oscar Night," visualize this scene on a daily basis. What we focus on becomes our reality. To help you, here are ten ways of thinking that will help you create your new beginning:

  1. Commit. And the Universe commits with you. Decide now that this is your outcome.
  2. Clarify your Intention. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.
  3. Clean out your garbage. Release any negativity that does not support your happiness.
  4. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Take a risk. Do what intimidates you.
  5. Select a supporter. Enroll someone who will not let you quit.
  6. Act as if. Visualize that what you desire already is.
  7. Ask your angels for faith. Then await divine guidance.
  8. Be grateful. Say Thank you for the good that is to come.
  9. Change your beliefs. Create new results with new beliefs.
  10. Keep the dream alive. Tell your reflection daily you are a winner!


Natasha J. Rosewood is an international Psychic Coach and Spirit Healer, Author of "Aaagh! I Thought You Were Dead (And Other Psychic Adventures)," host of the TV show Wake Up! Body, Mind, and Spirit, and a facilitator of numerous workshops and seminars.
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