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How Are You Creating Your Life Now?

By John Robson

The world out there certainly looks big and powerful and scary, so it's no surprise that we may feel small and powerless in contrast. However, all is not as it appears.

We are much more active creators of our daily world than we might ever imagine. In truth, our outer life reflects the content of our conscious and subconscious minds back to us. What are your experiences and external circumstances telling you about how you are creating your life?

To help explain this, let's look at three different scenarios:

  1. An individual who continuously struggles financially may believe that the economy is to blame, that only people with connections get the good jobs and that you must work two jobs to survive. He probably does not realize that underneath these conscious beliefs are core subconscious beliefs that he is not good enough to be successful and not worthy of prosperity. His life mirrors these inner programs back to him and he remains trapped in poverty.
  2. People who are learning that their thinking influences the quality of their lives build awareness of what they are saying to themselves and others. They increasingly notice and let go of different expressions of their poverty mentality. "I can't afford this" becomes "I am grateful for what I have." Their lives begin to reflect back experiences of abundance that previously were unknown to them. Hope arises. They see proof of movement and growth, but it's still a roller coaster ride of ups and downs as they uncover, recognize and release deeper levels of limiting beliefs.
  3. People who fully accept that they alone are responsible and accountable for their experience of life stand in full power as creators. Through meditation, heightened awareness, presence and big picture understanding, they say "Yes!" to their ability to shape and work with external forces. Their lives reflect this outlook as inspiring examples of abundance, opportunity and peace. They experience flow, ease and a rich enjoyment of all the gifts this world has to offer.

As we become more aware of our limiting beliefs and perceptions and release them, the playing field from which we create our lives becomes more open and free. Rather than being trapped in unconscious patterns, we hold the power to choose what we most want.

So there is a wholistic, creative bridge that connects your level of awareness and consciousness to your ability to create and attract into your life. Our predominant thinking does create who we are and what we attract. The more aware, non-resistive, loving, wise and spiritual we are, the more life gives back to us appropriately that fits our uniqueness and purpose on this planet.

So what kind of life are you creating now? What kind of life do you want to create?

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