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7 Best Tips to Replace Bad Habits with Positive Ones

By Betsy Randall

Everyone has a bad habit that keeps on hanging in their lives. Bad habits are difficult to deal with especially when desiring to eliminate. Ideally, it is practically impossible to eliminate a bad habit without having a replacement for it. That is the only way to deal with bad habits in your life: replacing them with positive habits. Remember that every habit in your life whether good or bad serves a specific need and are in some way beneficial to you despite being harmful in some other ways too. If you want to deal with bad habits in your life, here are 7 best tips to replace them with positive habits...

  1. Look for a Substitute
    If your bad habit comes as a response to boredom or some form of pressure, plan in advance to find an alternative. When the urge for the habit comes, what else can you do other than the bad habit? Instead of smoking when handling a lot of essay writing service work, you can consider taking a walk.
  2. Eliminate the Triggers
    What triggers you to the bad habits? If it is stress, consider doing away with things that build stress in your life. Don’t bite more than you can chew as this will stress you and lead you to that bad habit. If you are fond of smoking when drunk, keep off the bars and go the movies instead.
  3. Be Accountable to Someone
    With the help of a friend, you can easily quit your bad habits than if you were doing it all alone. When you fail, your friend will notice and encourage you to maintain focus. This is especially if the other person wants to quit the same behaviour too.
  4. Keep the Company of Like-Minded People
    To excel in replacing your bad habits, surround yourself with people who live the kind of life you desire. It does not mean you get away with your old allies. However, you may need to find new friends if you are serious about quitting your bad habit.
  5. See Yourself Succeeding
    Visualize yourself getting off your bad habits. See yourself waking up earlier than usual. Be positive about breaking this bad habit. Look at how happy you will be after crushing it. See yourself full of joy and smiling again following your success. Visualize that new identity you will get.
  6. Don’t Desire to be Someone Else
    Replacing your bad habits is not seeking to become another person but simply going back to the old you. It is enough to be what you are without the bad habits. You definitely picked up these bad habits along the way. Therefore, your efforts should be to drop them and not to be another person.
  7. Overcome Pessimistic Self-Talk
    With bad habits, it is easy to judge yourself or see the much you are failing. However, you can take it upon yourself to get yourself going even when you slip up. Despite your current condition, tell yourself that you can make it: I am overweight and shapeless now, but I can overcome this in some months.

Even though bad habits are harmful in some ways, you in most cases, do them to help you deal with an unpleasant thing in your life. These 7 tips will help you replace your bad habits with positive ones.

Betsy Randall is a custom paper writer and a freelance blogger. Betsy covers a variety of topics, but she is most passionate about content marketing, self-development and motivation.
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