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7 Ways to Train Your Positive Thinking

By Betsy Randall

Your productivity in life can heavily be impacted by how you thinking. Your daily life is full of distractions and negative thoughts and people who can leave you with a mountain of challenges to beat. However, you can learn to train your positive thinking and improve your productivity in the following ways:

  1. Be Grateful Every Time. Remember to be grateful each day of your life. Every morning, pick up a pen and write down at least 3 items you are grateful for. Look for anything you feel appreciative of. It could be work-related or family-related. There will certainly be something that you are grateful about. This will help you stay positive about life.
  2. Maintain Focus. Have a focus on what you want to do throughout the day. This will protect you from negative energy that seeks to take your positive attitude and confidence. Activities like deep breathing, yoga and taking a walk among others can help you find balance. This will bring your mind to a resting point where you soul can now start to speak. This calming energy yields an unshakable spirit that will in staying positive.
  3. Be Active. When you are active all day long, negative energy has no room in your life. It is rendered powerless. Let your mind be entirely focused on getting done with the day’s assignment. Even when external shocks come from other experiences or people in the course of your activity, you will be brave enough to use other exercises of keeping focused as outlined above.
  4. Eat Well and Have Sufficient Sleep. Your food intake, the amount of water you take and the amount of sleep you have largely affect your mental health and general mood. Studies have found out that the deficiency in vitamins alone can lead to a decline in mental health leading to depression, anxiety, addictions and anxiety among other psychological disorders. Find time to sleep sufficiently and you will wake up feeling a lot happier and enhance your positive thoughts.
  5. Be of Help to Others. To help yourself stay positive all through the day, you sometimes need to learn how to help other people be positive too. Look unto people who are down and show them the importance of staying positive. Loving kindness meditation will work out for you and the person in need of it.

    The effect of positive actions and emotions over time, particularly on loving kindness mediation was found to produce much focus and productivity in life as show in the graph below. The control experiment defined a declining situation as a lack of positive emotions.

    positive emotions

    Figure 1. Positive Emotions by Experimental Condition

    Rather than keeping off their negative energy, come in with a positive mindset and endeavor to make their day bright.

  6. Have a Subconscious Re-Training. Do a lot of inner healing work and be optimistic. This is an inner-healing work that will take you to great heights of success. Release all the past negative experiences trapped inside you. A study conducted from 2004 to 2012 involving 70,000 women registered in the Nurses’ Health with surveys conducted among them every year proved that women who were optimistic in life had a 30% lower chance of dying compared to the least optimistic ones. Despite the wounds you have suffered, a willingness to get healed from them will be useful in keeping you positive about life. The point is, the power to get transformed lies inside of you. Shower positive energy and love to the affected area and you will see how much progress you will make generally.
  7. Hang on to Your Passion. Don’t waste a lot of time doing things that you don’t love. Positive energy can be easily tapped if you turn to doing what you love. If what you do makes you feel guilty, switch it off. Come up with a list of the top three things that you love doing and three others you would want to see in the universe. Make a comparison with your current state and start aligning yourself to that.

Positive thinking is very vital for remaining lively and making progress in life. If you want to make the very best out of your life, here are 7 ways to train your positive thinking. Apply them today!

Betsy Randall is a custom paper writer and a freelance blogger. Betsy covers a variety of topics, but she is most passionate about content marketing, self-development and motivation.
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